Neteller Bingo Sites

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With e-wallets starting to become a more mainstream method of handling your money it wasn’t long until we started to see a lot of different methods popping up like Neteller Bingo sites for example.

This new option has already become so popular that it’s starting to rival PayPal in the e-wallet market.

What Is Neteller?

Neteller is actually a pretty simple concept. It’s an e-wallet that allows you to store your cash online before you deposit it into an online casino account, much like PayPal does.

How Do I Join?

It’s incredibly easy to sign up and join Neteller. All you have to do head over to the Neteller website and fill out their online form. After entering your details you’ll then have to register a card with them and you’re good to go.

Pros and Cons of Neteller

As a method of managing your online Neteller bingo account, Neteller does come with a few benefits.

Neteller is incredibly secure and it comes with instant transactions so you can keep track of when and how much money is leaving or going into your account.

But Neteller isn’t perfect; it has a few problems chief of which is that whenever you transfer money from your bank into your Neteller account. It varies depending on the bank you use with some going at a 1.5% rate whilst others top out at 9.0% on every transfer.

Of course spending cash from your Neteller account won’t cost you a thing, but when you try to transfer cash from you casino account back to your Neteller account, that’s when you’ll get hit with charges. Some sites will usually have a flat fee of £5 for money transfers, plus Neteller might even run a fee for the administration. So it can get quite costly to manage your money this way.

Are Alternate Options Better?

If you’re still not sold on using Neteller there are a few alternate options you could try. For example you could use a recognisable service like PayPal; this is another e-wallet system that allows for secure accounts and instantaneous transfer of funds into and out of your account.

However it does have a few downsides, like your account being locked without warning. Once your account is locked you’ll have to go through a lengthy identification process with PayPal’s customer service staff.

Also accounts that are locked can also have their funds removed with no reason as to why and no guarantee they’ll be returned to you.

Another option is Ukash; these vouchers come with unique 19-digit security codes that guarantee to keep your money safe. They’ve got a deposit range of between £5 and £500 and they’re universally accepted, however they do have on issue and that’s the fact their safety is totally reliant on you not losing a voucher.

Because if you’re not quick about getting a replacement sent out, your cash you stored on it will be gone for good.

Sites That Accept Neteller

Because of how popular this payment method has become there’s an almost unlimited number of bingo sites that accept Neteller available to play on nowadays. But rather than go through each one individually we’ve decided to list what we consider to be the best ones to try out.

Bingo Hollywood:

Joining Bingo Hollywood and making a deposit will earn you a 500% welcome bonus on your first account top-up. Should you make a re-deposit of up to £50 you’ll get a 75% bonus or if you drop in more than £50 this will become a 100% bonus.

Lucky Touch Bingo:

With Lucky Touch you’ll be privy to a massive 1150% bonus on top of your first three deposits, broken down this works out as 500% on your first, 350% on your second and 300% on your third.

Wink Bingo:

With Wink you’ll be able to claim a 200% bonus on top of your first deposit, but the fun doesn’t end there because you’ll also be able to have a turn on their special prize wheel to win a guaranteed cash prize between £15 and £1,000.

So the next time you’re looking to use a new online e-wallet, why not give Neteller a try.

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