Wink Bingo iPad

Wink Bingo has now gone mobile and is offering you some seriously tempting bonuses! Start out with a 400% bonus on your 1st deposit, as well as the chance to spin the wheel and win hard cash, from a guaranteed amount of £15 to a maximum prize of £1000!

Bright Bingo

Bright Bingo gives you a shiny, delightful bingo experience. First off, newbies deposit £5 – play with £25! That’s not all – every single deposit you make gets up to 50% automatic reload! There are also free games, a loyalty program & more!

mFortune Mobile Bingo

mFortune – Grab £5 upon registration and keep using it as if yours! Keep what ever you win and when you come back for more there is a fab 100% welcome bonus to greet you!! Waste no time, bingo is calling!!

Lucky Touch Bingo Mobile

Lucky Touch Bingo pampers you with great bonuses: get a 200% welcome bonus + 150% special bonus, that is, a total of 350% bonus on your 1st deposit, and £15 FREE when you sign up! You can find your favorite bingo games here, including 90 ball, 80 ball and 75 ball. What are you waiting for?

Play Bingo on Tablet Computers

There are many reputable bingo sites in the UK like Bingo Hollywood, mFortune and Lucky Touch Bingo. Playing the much loved game is a huge part of UK culture, and now you can play on a tablet computer. It's anybody's guess exactly what shape of iPad bingo the future will bring but expect it to be about 7 inches wide and 9 inches high :-).  

Bingo Hollywood

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Bonuses on Tablets

One of the best things about new bingo sites for tablet devices is the huge number of different bonuses they have available, each one comes with its own unique take on the old familiar bonuses.

The different types of bonuses you have at your disposal after joining a tablet casino site are as follows.

No Deposit:

This tends to be what really sells a casino site to someone, the ability literally get something from nothing.

The no deposit bonuses tends to vary from site to site with some offering pretty large bonuses to others like mFortune who only give you £5 to get started with, still it’s better than nothing.

First Deposit Bonus:

The first deposit bonus is what really drives home a reason to stay, a bonus that give you extra cash on your that first tentative step into the world of online gambling, landing you more mileage out of your money.

Lucky Touch do a particularly great first deposit bonus where after you deposit a minimum of £10, they’ll reward you with 350% cash match bonus on top of that first deposit.


Redeposit bonuses are pretty self-explanatory, they behave in the same way as first deposit bonuses although depending on the site you use, they bonus may be smaller or larger than the one given for your first deposit.

Most sites would normally stop after that first deposit bonus, but not Bingo Hollywood, this glamorous website will give you a 75% bonus for every single redeposit you make that’s between £5 and £50.

They also add an extra incentive to spend more by changing this to a 100% bonus should you decide to invest more than £50 on your following deposits.

Loyalty Bonus:

The loyalty bonus is basically where a websites can members can save up unique loyalty points to receive a special bonus or prize.

The loyalty bonus is where websites really get creative some might use an intricate system of points whereby members have to save up to meet a certain quote, whilst others use a series of levels or VIP club positions that their users can climb by depositing cash or saving up that sites version of points.

Wink Bingo for example use loyalty points and their exchange rate is for every 1,000 loyalty points earned; players will receive £1 to play a Bingo game with.

Players on the Wink Bingo iPad app can also climb a membership ladder of Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond to receive a special 50% redeposit bonus or up to 10% cash back on all of their games. It’s a great system that allows sites to hook any bored members back in.

Top Tablets

This is where most of the big debates come from, which is the best tablet device to have, is it an iPad or an Android or even one of the various Microsoft Surface brands?

The problem stems from the fact that most of these devices are on the outside very similar, they all fit the purpose of being a tablet device, they all sport portability and cameras for communication over Skype.

Perhaps what really thins out the heard in this tech race is the graphics and processing power of these devices.

Microsoft Tab

Microsoft TabletStarting off with the Microsoft Surface tablets, these interestingly designed tablets may sport the latest iteration of Windows 8 and come with a cool looking detachable keyboard, but they’re not particularly suited to gaming.

They can handle a few basic apps at best; a cursory glance at the Windows 8 app market will show you that a lot of the games are simple, fun things that require no real exertion to play.

Plus throw in the fact that most of these are designed with office use in mind and you’ve got a tablet device that you probably shouldn’t use for gaming.

Android OS

Android TabletAndroid tablets, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, used to be notoriously fussy when it came to using them for bingo and casino apps with some android bingo sites working on one specific brand and not another. Gambling apps are still not permitted for inclusion on Google Play, though they may be downloaded if you agree to "allow non-marketplace apps" in your tab's settings.

Likewise the Google Nexus range: these tablets may look space age and cool but they still suffer from one issue, compatibility. It can become quite the headache to start a game or online casino account, invest some time and money into it and then find one day that your device has went in a huff and won’t load up the site anymore.

Things have improved significantly with the advent of HTML5 - many new bingo apps can be played directly in your Android tablet's browser - use Chrome for best results.

Apple iPad

Apple iPad TabletProbably the iPad still dominates the online casino market. With the latest iteration of iOS8 promising more social connectivity and sharing options between games, the social side of casino games is going to explode in popularity, which is great for iPad tablet bingo players.

Plus more iPads are starting to make larger portions of their front design a screen so the play surface we can use for bingo games will exponentially get larger in the coming years.

Also a lot of iPads, although looking small and frail, are actually becoming quite the miniature processing powerhouses as they can handle more processor intensive iPad Bingo games

However this information is only based on the technology currently available, how this technology changes to beat the competition is something we’ll just have to watch and see what happens.

Web-Based Bingo vs. Downloadable Apps

There are two types of casino games on the market, those that are fun and social and those that are played for real money.

  1. The downloadable apps tend to be social games tend that are played for fun; they’re a more relaxed affair as players aren’t really out for any goal. Social bingo games also tend to have some sort of social media addition to them that allows players to share their scores with their friends online. Occasionally free bingo games or tournaments may let you play for small cash prizes.
  2. At the other end of the spectrum are web-based bingo games. These tend to be real money games that players wager real cash on for an expected high return. Web games tend to be more popular because they often also contain a larger library of games, resulting in you having more things to play around with.

In summary, the first kind of games are pleasant and at times quite relaxing to just tap away on. With the second it's important to remember that you’re playing with your own money so there’s always a chance that you could get yourself into financial trouble if you aren’t careful with your spending or don’t set a budget.

Finally, we should all be thankful that we're no longer limited to Flash player bingo sites, but if you're really keen to play one of these on your tab the trick is to find out if your device (i.e. tab) is certified to run Adobe Flash Player and then follow some instructions for installing it. However, since Flash is no longer supported by Android you do so at your own risk.

So Friendly They're Practically in Bed with You!

It's time take a closer look at sites that offer mobile bingo specifically for hand held devises. Read our full reviews of mFortune or Lady Lucks for the latest tips! For fans of Bingo Hollywood iPad games are now an option too.