iPad vs. Laptop for Bingo

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When it comes to playing bingo on-the-go you normally have two options at your disposal outside of the usual ‘play it on your PC’ choice as you could use either your laptop or your iPad to get your gaming fix instead.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using These Devices

Of course no matter the option you choose you’re going to encounter a few benefits, problems and similarities from both of them. We’ve picked out a couple of the things you might encounter when you use them.


With laptops the biggest problem you’ll encounter is the weight, laptops can be quite heavy and a pain to cart around.  Also laptops often require a special protective bag, unlike iPads as certain brands like the Mini can easily fit in your pocket.

You also need either a DSL, Wi-Fi or Data Dongle to connect to your favourite online sites or play games.

But it’s not all downsides as there’s also a few benefits to using laptops. For starters they can handle more processor intensive games whilst with iPads you’re limited by compatibility. Also unlike iPads you can have multiple games and windows open at once that you can freely jump between in seconds with just a few clicks

Also, if you’re playing in social games you can use the keyboard to quickly and easily communicate with your fellow players.


iPads also have their own unique benefits and disadvantages. For starters they’re light-weight so you can take them anywhere without having to worry about the extra weight and their touch-screen controls are quicker and quite immersive for bingo games as it makes you feel like you’re using a real card.

A more recent benefit to using iPads is that a lot of online sites have started to offer deals for players who join using their tablets. Also when it comes to connecting online iPads are similar to laptops in this field as they also require either a special USB Data Dongle or a connection to a Wi-Fi network. Although iPads also have an extra option that allows users to connect to their favourite online sites by using any mobile contract data that they might have.

Where the problems start to arise is that they can often be quite expensive to buy and they’re limited to the types of games you can play or sites you can access due to compatibility issues. Also the digital keyboard can make communication in social games slower and you can easily make spelling mistakes.

iPads also only allow you to have one game or site on the screen at a time. Although arguably this can help you concentrate on what you’re doing without getting distracted.

Steps to Take If You Want to Move Games from Laptops to iPads

If you’re a bingo player that uses their laptop and you want to switch to using an iPad after seeing all these benefits that you can take advantage of then there’s a few steps you’ll have to take.

For starters you’ll have to take to become a solely iPad bingo sites user is to start storing your files from your laptop on it. You can do this by either manually copying files over with a compatible USB or by using a drop box system like iCloud that will let you access your files from your iPad without clogging up its internal memory card.

You also need to figure out how you’re going to access the internet, a good choice is to either invest in a Data Dongle or tether your iPad to your iPhone to create your own Wi-Fi connection that runs off your mobile data.

You’ll also need to find out which bingo sites have downloadable apps and if they’ll work on your device. Finally you might want to invest in some extra tech like a portable keyboard especially if you plan on joining any social rooms as you’ll be able to talk to other players quickly and easily with a ‘QWERTY’ keyboard.

So if you’re planning on playing bingo on your iPad just keep a few of these facts in mind and you should be able to make that platform switch relatively easily.

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