Dr Dab Bingo App Review

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In this Dr Dab Bingo review, we’re shining a light on the innovative new bingo app that’s got everyone talking. For those of you reluctant to give online bingo a shot, this app could be the nudge you’ve been waiting for. Many fear that online bingo will not have the same draw as the bingo hall version of the game. This app brings the bingo hall experience to the world of online bingo. Players can physically dab the numbers off their virtual bingo card whilst playing against friends. Online bingo has never been more social. Bring your bingo experience bang up to date with Dr Dab Bingo.

Bonuses and Promotions

When you sign up to Dr Dab Bingo on mobile, you’ll be greeted with 1000 coins and a huge 50 power ups. Don’t be alarmed if the term ‘power ups’ means little to you. Dr Dab Bingo has developed a pioneering new way to play the game, incorporating different features to make it more exhilarating. Power-ups will be your saviours. They are unique and can range from super jokers to instant bingo. Gain experience points (XPs) the more that you play. You’ll also gain extra XPs for the accuracy and speed of your dabbing.

The Dr Dab bingo app gives you the opportunity to purchase bundles of coins or power-ups. You’ll have a choice of 6 power up voltage packages and 7 different coin bundles. Buying in bulk will save you money, so keep this in mind if you’re planning to play many games.

Games Available

Connectivity is a big thing for this app. Dr Dab bingo app utilises social media in a way that many bingo sites do not. You can connect to the app using social media and invite your friends to a game of bingo.

Players can aim to move up the bingo levels to gain access to different rooms. The higher you drive up the levels, the bigger the bingo jackpot you’ll be playing for. The cost per ticket will also rise- so be sure to revise your coin bundle purchase with this in mind. At present Dr Dab bingo only incorporates the 90 ball variety of bingo, however there are plans to develop the 75 ball game. As this is a purely bingo app, you will not find slot games here.

Payment Options

With the dr dab bingo app, you can utilise in-app purchases making depositing to your account seamless. Every day you’ll be given a daily allocation of 80 coins allowing you to play in the blue room for free. Your bingo account is linked to the account you use in the app store.

Our Summary

This innovative app brings social interaction firmly into the world of online bingo. With its excellent graphics and pioneering features, the app is extremely engaging. We can’t wait for the addition of the 75 bingo game to further increase the level of variety. Dr Dab bingo gets our seal of approval!

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