Bingo Run on Android Tablets and Facebook

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The rise of social bingo games has went hand in hand with the increasing use of smartphones and other mobile devices. These games have been getting more popular because they’re easy to download and play whenever you get a spare second or two.

Bingo Run online is one of these apps and it’s one of the most famous ones on the market. It’s one of the not for real money games that can be played by signing up and using the credits of the game. These will eventually run out and then the player can top them up with cash to get the game rolling once more.

How to Play

The first step to playing this iPad or Android bingo game is to download the app and install it onto your device. This won’t take long as this doesn’t take a lot of space on the device and it will be ready to play in minutes.

Once you have it up and running it’s time to start playing in one of the 14 rooms that you can dive into. You can start playing by yourself or play multi-player Facebook bingo with friends if they’re on the app too.

While you’re playing along you tap each bingo number off the sheet and get on your way to victory. The more you play the better you get and you’ll unlock collectables and bonuses. You’ll turn into a bingo runner in no time and you’ll be unlocking new levels of cities to visit. This international trip will take you around the world and back again from the palm of your hand.

Tips and Tricks

When you’ve ran around this game world for the first time and gotten yourself acquainted with the game you can start to pick up on tips and tricks to become a pro player. Logging in every day will go a long way to getting yourself a bingo bonus every time and keep your balance high. If you want to kick the game up a notch then you can pay for extra features to boost your gameplay but it’s not necessary to do so.

Bingo Run vs Other Apps

This app is a social bingo extravaganza that will take you to all of the top destinations without leaving your house. There are other ones like this with other themes that you can use to switch up the gameplay style to keep it exciting.

Cluedo bingo is one for the mystery lovers out there and this bingo app allows you to solve a murder while playing your favourite game. This doesn’t have slots on it though, Bingo Run does, and this might put some players off.

Slingo Adventure is a hybrid bingo and slots game that’s totally unique and keeps players guessing what’s going to come next. This one is a test of skill and luck as the player can choose where to place the special symbols on the board. It is just one game though, so you don’t get to delve into other bingo rooms.

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