Best Bingo Competitions

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Don’t you just love bingo competitions? There are plenty of them around too – more than you might think. Getting to know various bingo sites and the competitive bingo options they offer is a good place to start – and we’re going to get you started.

Our favourite sites to get competitive


Keep an eye on the promotions available at Wink. They’ve got some great jackpots to be won, not to mention lots of ongoing promotions and events to take part in.

Lucky Touch

Weekly events, bonus offers and lots more besides could come your way when you make the most of your Lucky Touch Bingo membership.


Great games come to your mobile with this superb site. They’ve even got a competition offering a holiday now, so check it out to learn more.

Lucky Cow

With a quarterly Fortune Fountain promotion, not to mention a Slot of the Week perk too, you get lots to enjoy on the  Lucky Cow Bingo site.

Examples of competitive bingo games

Did you know there are several forms of competitive bingo out there today? Try these out for size.


Bingo tournaments have specific rules, run for a set length of time and offer various prizes. For instance, there could be more than one prize depending on where you fall in the final standings. Some run for a week or a month, so there’s lots to play for.

Team events

Yep, you can play online bingo in a team, too! Team bingo games often involve signing up to a team and playing for points or other prizes. If your team places in a prize-winning position, the prize for that position is shared among you.

Jackpot games

Everyone wants to win a jackpot. Most bingo games offer jackpots, ranging from small ones to life-changing amounts. The bigger the jackpot, the more players tend to get involved!

Leaderboard games

Take part in one of these and try to score the most points to reach the top of the leaderboard in a set time. This could be anything up to a month. You can sometimes play different games and your points all count towards your leaderboard total.

What can you expect?

Bingo competitions have all kinds of prize types up for grabs. Check each competition prior to entering so you can see whether you’re happy to win the prizes offered. These are some of the examples you might see:

  • Bonus points
  • Prizes
  • Cash
  • Loyalty points
  • Bingo tickets
  • Actual prizes that would be sent to your home

Top tip: watch out for entry fees

Most competitions have some sort of entry fee involved. However, a bigger fee usually means a chance to win bigger prizes. Check this before you begin.

Tips to win every time!

You can never guarantee yourself a prize in any bingo competition, but there are ways to tip the odds in your favour. Make sure you follow these tips to do just that.

  • Buy as many tickets as the rules allow you to – you’ll maximise your winning chances
  • Pre-buy tickets so you’re ready to play at the right time
  • Play during off hours, i.e. times when fewer people are online playing – there’ll be less competition
  • Make sure you meet the wagering requirements
  • Watch the leaderboard to see how close you are to the top – if you’re nowhere near, you may decide to reserve your budget and tickets for another competition you stand a better chance of winning
  • Be ready to play often during the dates the competition is running for

Take part in the best bingo competitions today

If you love bingo, you’ll love bingo competitions. We do, and there are plenty of them around with lots of prizes to be won. Will we be hearing about your prize-winning luck soon?

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