Are You a Ukash User? Switch to PaySafeCard Soon

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Both Ukash and PaySafeCard are well known payment methods which serve as alternatives to credit and debit card payments. However, Ukash has recently been acquisitioned by Skrill, who run a number of different alternative payment options including PaySafeCard. As a result, Ukash is to be phased out, and PaySafeCard is to be its successor.

Why it makes sense to switch to PaySafeCard

Obviously since Ukash will no longer exist in a few months, it makes sense to switch to PaySafeCard. Of course, there is no need to rush. If you have topped up your Ukash card recently, then these credits will remain valid until the 31st of October. So you do have a few months in which to use up those credits. However, Ukash itself is being taken off the market and you will not be able to top up any more or purchase a new card. Instead, it would be good to find a new payment option and PaySafeCard might be a good shout.

How does PaySafeCard compare with other payment methods

When compared to Ukash, PaySafeCard offers a very similar service, meaning that Ukash users should hopefully be familiar with how the service works. Buy a PaySafeCard from a local shop, supermarket or petrol station and you top it up with cash or credit. You then use the card’s PIN to deposit cash or credit online. The best thing about this system is that it does not require you to enter any card details so you can keep yourself safe online. It is arguably the safest way to deposit and pay for things online, including online bingo. PaySafeCard is also relatively convenient, as more local shops and stores will stock it. They also downloadable phone and iPad apps so you can always find the store nearest to you which sells them. However, Ukash did also offer a service as an online eWallet, similar to PayPal or Neteller. Whilst on one hand eWallets are slightly less reliable in terms of security, they are undeniably more convenient because you can add credit to them, and use the credit instantaneously. Overall it is largely a choice of convenience vs safety, but both options are relatively easy and relatively safe. Alternatively, you can use credit and debit cards, which are slightly less safe but more convenient than both options. There is also no transaction fee to worry about with credit and debit cards, so you get to keep your full winnings all to yourself.

New company ownership and what that means for users

Overall, the takeover does not mean too much for Ukash users of online bing, as there are alternative options for both online eWallets or for prepaid cards. Therefore, you can just make and account with one of these companies, or else start using PaySafeCard without having to change anything you are doing. These methods work very similarly to ukash, so you don’t need to get to grips with a new type of payment method.

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