UK Tablet Bingo Sites

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Over the last few years thanks in part to the latest advancements in technology tablet gaming in the UK has become incredibly popular. But what exactly is it that makes people want to play on a UK bingo site?

Is There Any Difference?

The biggest and possibly the most obvious difference is the currency that these bingo sites use.

For example UK tablet bingo sites use pounds whilst other bingo sites tend to use their local currency e.g. euros or dollars. Also if you were to play on a UK site from the US the money you win would have to go through a currency converter so the amount you receive would be based on the current exchange rate so you might get less or more for your money.

Another difference is that if a tablet bingo sites UK based it’s more likely to contain more 90 ball matches as this game mode is the standard since it’s more popular amongst UK players, whilst in the US they use 75 ball games.

What Types Of Bonuses Are Available?

The bonuses is where the UK and non-UK tablet sites start to have similarities as you can still claim welcome bonuses, no-deposit bonuses and bonuses for making re-deposits. Although there is one difference and that’s the types of promotions you’ll see on these websites.

When it comes to special promotions bingo sites usually follow holidays and events to tie in their bonus or the monthly prize that they might be giving away. So naturally the holidays that they follow in their promotions would be relevant to the location of the site that they’re appearing on.

So for example you wouldn’t get Guy Fawkes promotions appearing on US websites as it’s a UK celebration. Likewise you won’t see Independence Day or Thanksgiving promotions appearing on a UK based bingo website.

What Side Games Are Available?

As far as the various side games are concerned it’s the same approach as the bonuses as UK tablet sites and non-UK tablet sites have a fairly similar library of slot, table and casino games to play around with.

Although the types of games you’ll come across depend on the site you’re using as some will have better games than others. For example the best UK tablet bingo sites will always have the latest games and will keep their libraries regularly updated to ensure that they keep you coming back again and again.

Tablet Compatible Bingo Sites

Because it can be quite difficult to figure out what the top UK bingo sites for tablet devices are, we’ve decided to go through a couple of what’s considered to be the best bingo sites to try out.

Bingo Hollywood:

Joining Bingo Hollywood will allow you to get the VIP treatment you deserve as you can claim a 500% bonus on top of your first deposit into your account. To keep you feeling like a star they’ll also give you a re-deposit bonus of 75% when you deposit £50 or less into your account. Better yet, deposit £50 or more and your bonus will increase to 100%.

Lucky Touch Bingo:

Lucky Touch Bingo is instantly appealing with its £10 free no-deposit bonus.  But it’s not just a no-deposit bonus that you can get your hands on because when you top-up your account for the first time you’ll get their 500% bonus for a first deposit, make your second deposit and you’ll be able to claim a 350% bonus, then when you go for a third deposit you’ll get a final 300% bonus.

Wink Bingo:

Wink Bingo take a lovely less is more approach as you’ll receive a 200% bonus when you make your first ever account deposit with them. After you’ve made your first deposit you’ll then also be able to spin a bonus wheel to win an additional cash prize that can be anywhere from £15 to £1,000.

So if you’re looking for a bingo site to play on why not try giving a couple of UK tablet bingo sites a try because if there’s one thing the UK bingo circuit has it’s great sites.

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