Trophy Bingo for iPad and Android Tablets

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It’s time to head on down to the part with Trophy Bingo on your tablet or smartphone. This social bingo app is available to both iTunes and Google Play users and can be played on a range of different devices.

This animal themed app might look cute and cuddly but there’s a vicious battle between players going on. This app is for any trophy hunter looking for a quick bingo without paying anything. It’s a just for fun game and there’s no cash to be won, but players can still let their wild side out by collecting up bonuses and items.

The Objective

This game centres on a Labrador, Goldie, as she hunts to find her lost pooch pals. During each bingo game players will be helping her by unlocking her friends from the evil villain of the story. The Trophy Bingo app is incredibly cute and players will soon be drawn in to completing the quest and saving those dogs.

Games Available

The games on this iPad, iPhone and Android app are all the 75 ball variety of the game and this is played on a 5 x 5 grid. All you need to do to win the game is make up one of the pay lines, either horizontal or vertical and you’ll be well on your way to rescuing one of those dogs.

This game will give you credits to play each day but if you want to play more or use special bonuses then you’ll need to make some of their in-app purchases. This will allow you to collect trophies at an increased rate.

The premium currency in this game is diamonds and these can be used to purchase extra power ups or unlock new levels if you’re stuck. This can come in handy if you need it and can get the game moving at an accelerated rate. You won’t win any money back, even if you do pay money in, but it’s all about the competitive element and unlocking the next stage.

Trophy Bingo vs Other Social Bingo Apps

New iPad bingo and Android bingo apps make an appearance on their respective stores pretty regularly. There are truly famous ones that become almost legendary with players as they talk about how best to beat the next level. These mobile games experience a kind of popularity that online sites can’t as they cost nothing to play and anyone can get involved with them.

Trophy Bingo on Facebook has many competitors in the social casino world and each different app has different elements that make it successful with fans.

Bingo Pop is an app that has grown in popularity due to the fact that it has numerous themes. This is an advantage that this app has over Trophy Bingo, as it has more variety. For players that like to play through a single story this could be a disadvantage as it jumps from world to world.

The Price is Right Bingo is based on the much loved TV show of the same name and players on this app have been enjoying the flashy themes this game has to offer. They offer so many types of bingo and this keeps the game fresh in the long run as there’s much less repetition involved.

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