Top New Tablets in Twenty Fifteen

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The tablet has landed! These days everyone and their grannie has a tablet device – quite literally! As tablets become more and more popular the market becomes flooded with different types of tablets and they become more advanced as manufacturers race against each other to find the next big thing that’s going to have the wow factor! This wide variety of choice is fantastic if you have the know-how but for those who are not tech-savvy this might be an issue as they try and weigh up the specifications to find the right one for them. To simplify things we are going to compare some of the best tablets on the market right now as well as give you a heads up on some exciting new ones that are in the pipeline.

Windows Tablet

Everyone has heard of the iPad but Apple isn’t the be all and end all. Take Microsoft’s Surface 3 Windows tablet for instance. It’s a laptop and tablet hybrid so you get best of both worlds. If you’re old school and you’re not yet adapted to using the touchscreen then you’ll be glad to know that you can buy a keyboard for this tablet. You don’t really need it but it’s always nice to have the option. On top of that it has a 12″ screen which is perfect if you’re eyesight isn’t the best. Surface 3 is only set to get better when Windows 10 gets released for tablets! The only downfall here is that it’s a bit heavier than most tablets these days but we can let it off since it’s really powerful.

Sony Xperia

Sony Xperia Z4 is another great tablet on the market! There’s nothing worse than switching your tablet on to find that the battery is low but with the Sony Xperia Z4 your battery lasts up to a whopping 17 hours. You also won’t find a lighter tablet in the same league anywhere else! This is great because you don’t want a big heavy thing weighing down your handbag. Another benefit is that it’s perfect around kids because it can take a splatter and some dirt. There’s nothing worse than a messy screen but don’t fret because if it gets dirty you can just rinse it under the tap. This is without a doubt the best tablet on the market right now with an Android OS and is the only one that can rival iPad Air 2.


Speaking of which, Apple is the most popular brand on the market so it’s not surprising that iPad Air 2 gets a mentioned here – it’s only right, after all. It’s got all the ideal specs and features that you would look for to ensure a top quality game experience when you play iPad bingo. However, call us a girl, what we love most about the iPad Air 2 is the fact that you get to choose between sleek metallic colours for the casing.

If you think these tablets all sound great then wait until you get a load of the new ones coming on the market. Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet will be released in June and if its predecessor is anything to go by then we’re in for a real treat. You can expect it to be slim but powerful and come with a fairly decent battery life.

iPad Pro is a name that we have been hearing down the grapevine a bit lately but we don’t know that much about it yet apart from rumours. However, what we do know is that it’s guaranteed to raise the bar again. Hopefully, we don’t need to wait too long to find more about this eagerly anticipated new offering from Apple.

Our Summary

Overall, you are definitely better off paying a little extra for a decent tablet instead of a budget version. You might be wondering what the point is of forking out the extra cash and the answer is quite simple – you get what you pay for. The main thing is that you don’t want to buy a cheap tablet and have to replace it again in a few months because it’s broken. You also want a tablet that you can enjoy instead of moaning non-stop about how rubbish it is. We’ve all been there!

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