The Ultimate Guide to Bingo Variants

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No matter how much you love bingo, it’s to be expected that you might get a little bored with the usual games after a while. That’s why it’s so exciting to play hybrid bingo from time to time. If you want to learn more about online bingo variants, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Our top picks for sites with hybrid bingo games

Lucky Cow

Lucky Cow perks things up a bit and will have you in clover with their video bingo variant. It’ll certainly get you up and ‘mooving’!


Wink is home to 5-line bingo, sometimes called Swedish bingo (although both mean the same thing). It’s fast and furious and you’ll usually see lots of winners (which means lots of chances to win!).

888 Ladies

Flash 5s is flashy and fast! You buy tickets, each with five playing cards included. The aim is to cover all five cards as the bingo caller names cards one by one.

Traditional bingo games vs bingo variations

There are plenty of traditional games out there, too. If you want to compare those with the variations of bingo, you can do that right here:

  • 90-ball – this uses 90 numbers and you can win with one line, two lines or a full house
  • 75-ball – you will see all kinds of winning patterns in this form of bingo
  • 30-ball – sometimes called speed bingo, and the one way to win is with a full house
  • 50-ball – each ticket has two rows of five numbers, and you can win by completing one line or a full house
  • 5-line/Swedish – five lines means five chances to win with each ticket

Card games with a bingo twist

Did you know there are bingo variations featuring cards as well? We’ve unearthed two you might want to try if you enjoy playing cards and bingo and you want to combine the two. Who knew you could do that?!

Joker Jackpot Bingo

This uses the full deck of cards including the jokers. Each ticket has a 3×3 grid of nine playing cards. You can win one of two prizes, depending on the cards you cross off:

Flash Fives

It’s flash, it’s quick, it uses playing cards and you only get five cards in a hand. The idea, as you might guess, is to cover each card in a hand with a chip as the cards are called out. The first player to do it will win the prize for that hand.

TV show variants

You just knew TV shows would get in on the act, didn’t you? There are four major television shows that have come up with their own bingo variations too, as shown here:

Slot-themed variations

Even the slots have got in on the act and delivered a selection of bingo variants to try out.

Immortal Romance Bingo

This is based on the 90-ball bingo game, but each strip of tickets also comes with special numbers relating to assorted game features. The vampire theme of the original slot is played out here as well, with the different characters popping up to offer different ways to win. Think wild numbers and bonus balls, for instance.

Rainbow Riches Bingo

This one only uses 40 balls and each bingo card only features eight numbers – four on each four-leafed clover (two clovers on each card). Fill in one clover and win a prize; you’ll get the chance of a full house with both clovers, too. There is also a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…

Variants on mobile

It gets better still when you start looking at bingo options on your mobile phone or tablet:

  • Cash Cubes – fast and different, you have to collect cubes to win prizes
  • Emoji Bingo – instead of bingo balls you get emojis…

Give one of these a try if you want to perk up your usual bingo play.

What do we love about bingo hybrids?

What don’t we love?! It’s hard to boil everything down into a few lines, but we’ll have a go anyway:

  • Plenty of variety
  • Lots of different card types
  • You get games where bingo balls aren’t used at all
  • Several types of hybrid games available
  • Lots of fun to be had
  • Multiple prizes to win per ticket

Really, what more could you want from your favourite bingo games? You may even find you love hybrid bingo a whole lot more than regular bingo!

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