Tablet Bingo Games

In the last few years, we saw tablets (both Apple and Android) take off in a big way. One explanation for the way it has only been about three years for tablet-PCs to realize their own raison d’être is their operating systems.

(The other reason is very obvious: the stunning leadership of Apple’s iPad line.)

The mighty iPad (really the progenitor of the ‘tablet’ category) as well as premium Android tablets from Motorola, Sony, Samsung, Asus and so on, use system code in common with smartphones. In other words, iOS and Android adapt automatically to the kind of mobile device is in use.

It therefore follows that the apps running on either the iPhone, for example,  or a Sony Xperia are identical to the apps that run on the iPad or a Sony tablet, respectively.

The only caveat is an obvious one: apps designed especially for a tablet (its dimensions, screen, speed and so on) will perform better than apps originally designed for a smartphone that simply scale up to the tablet’s size.

The State of Mobile Bingo On Tablets

Right now, most or all of our selection of bingo, instant games and casino attractions for tablets are the latter of the two above, or smartphone apps adapting to tablets, whether Apple’s OS or Android. The following list gives you the websites that so far lead in caring about the niche (soon to be mainstream) of tablet-bingo players.

  • Bingo Hollywood
  • Wink Bingo
  • Lucky Touch Bingo
  • Lady Lucks
  • mFortune (‘mmmBingo’)

Lady Lucks does something interesting in the way it categorizes its apps and labels the game previews page. Instead of showing apps for iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Android tablet, et cetera, it very elegantly calls iOS and Android devices ‘Touch Casino Games’. That really gets to the heart of why mobile bingo on your tablet is the most exciting format to date for playing online bingo.

Touch is the Heartbeat of Tablet Bingo

Despite the fascination that Apple’s ultra-HD Retina display inspires, what really wow’s users of the iPad is the feeling of touching and commanding such a vivid and colourful screen.

That tactile element is particularly well-suited for bingo, which has so strong a tie to the physical game that uses cards and daubing pens in a lively social setting without direct competition. We think this is why tablet-bingo gaming is already so popular and will continue to be.

Remember, the Retina screen is sure to spur Android devices offering new HD screen specs that are comparable. Once that happens, we think tablets will start ruling the entire ‘personal computing’ scene. And as soon as these ducks are all in a row, bingo apps will be released specifically for tablets.

Until then, join us as we explore the current state-of-the-art for bingo on tablet-PCs!

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