Facebook Bingo

In the last few years Facebook bingo games have absolutely exploded onto the gaming market. With the introduction of mobiles into this element there’s now an almost unlimited number of Facebook based bingo games and apps popping up on a near daily basis. Each one of these containing some different special mode or ability to get you to play it.

Facebook Games Vs Real Bingo Sites

Although it may not initially seem like it a game on a Facebook bingo app and a bingo site are actually completely different.

For starters the apps tend to only have a smaller selection of games that range from 90, 80 and even 75 ball Bingo games that are played across a small selection of special themed rooms. A lot of Facebook Bingo apps also only reward you with credits or XP since they’re mostly played just-for-fun, although sometimes they might hold special tournaments for small cash prizes.

Bingo sites on the other hand contain a wider selection of games since they can contain both Bingo, slots and even table or instant win games. Bingo sites can also offer players bonuses and access to special prizes and promotions to earn some extra cash.

The Social Differences

Although Facebook bingo apps and bingo sites both have a degree of social interaction between players both have completely different approaches to player socializing. Bingo sites allow for players to talk using an in-game chat whilst apps allow for a greater degree of player communication.

With Facebook apps players can share their latest jackpot wins or invite them into their games. Some games will even give you rewards for bringing in your friends; the more you bring in, the bigger your reward!

Bonuses and Promotions

When it comes to the types of bonuses and prizes you can get a hold of the types of items you can receive actually varies from app to app. For example you’ll normally be able to grab something like a welcome bonus on top of your first deposit to get you a little extra mileage out of your money.

However the actual size of bonus again does vary for each app. Take the Facebook Bingo Appy game for example, this game gives you the ability to claim a 250% bonus on top of any deposits as well as an extra £10 in cash thrown in on top.

Facebook Based Apps

Because of how popular Facebook bingo games have become there’s an almost unlimited number of apps and sites providing links to downloadable apps popping up all over the place. So instead of going through all of them we’ve picked what we consider to be the best ones to download and try out.

Bingo Blitz:

Created by Buffalo Studios this fun little app sports a user base that contains 14million regularly active players from around the world. It features several fun themed rooms, special game changing power-ups and the ability to get your hands on some exclusive collectible items this amazing app is definitely worth downloading.

Bingo Bash:

This brilliant bingo app features up to 2 million different users as well as a veritable treasure trove of fun games and exclusive modes like Speed Bingo where matches fly by in a blur and you’re short of fun power-ups to use and achievements to unlock.

Bingo Island:

At Bingo Island there’s definitely something for everyone as each of its exclusive rooms come with their own unique draw patterns that cater to a variety of game speeds and skill levels so it doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran or a newbie, with Bingo Island you’ll feel right at home.

Bingo Blingo:

This amazing app features a fun selection of terrific themed Bingo rooms which represent exotic locations from across the globe. It also comes with fun game-changing power-ups and the ability to send special gifts and items to your friends.

Thanks to how popular Facebook Bingo games are becoming it won’t be long until they’ll start to rival the big sites and brands. Perhaps they might be the main place that we go to get our bingo fix, but whether that will actually happen is just something we’ll just have to wait and see.