Mobile Bingo Sites by Cozy Games

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Although Cozy Games have been around for a pretty long time this doesn’t mean they’re not any less popular. In fact this brilliant Bingo network has seen almost unrivalled success in recent months. This mainly down to them branching out into mobile gaming; a little known fact is that Cozy Games were the first network to adopt mobile gaming into their brands.

In fact if it weren’t for mobile bingo sites by Cozy Games, mobile casino gaming probably wouldn’t have become as popular as it is today.

The Software

The brands on the Cozy Game network tend to use the same type of software in their games, this in turn means they all usually have the same library of slots, casino games and scratch cards.
You’ll usually see titles like Honey Bees, Queen of Legends and Mystic Wilds popping up across the various sites on the network. These classic casino games are incredibly fun and can be quite nostalgic to play around on.

What makes it Unique?

Cozy Games Bingo sites actually a lot different than other sites on the market, for example the majority of the Cozy Games brand can be accessed across a wide variety of mobile and smart device platforms.

So you can still get access to your favourite games when you use an iPhone, Android, Blackberry and even a tablet. Plus when you use these devices you just have to pop in your chosen brands URL and you’ll be brought onto a mobile friendly homepage.

Compare this with other sites that usually have you download a separate app or sometimes just suffer from compatibility problems with certain devices and you can see why brands with Cozy Games are always so popular.

Bonuses and Promotions Available

The brands on the Cozy Games network all tend to follow the same kind of bonuses to keep things familiar for their members. Cozy Games sites tend to give players a no-deposit bonus of some size; although it varies from site to site it works as a great incentive to join.

Next is the welcome bonus, this promotion is what really sells a Cozy Games site as members get to enjoy a three stage welcome bonus on top of their first three deposits. The bonus usually comes in the form of a 350%, 250% and final 300% bonus on top of that first deposit into your account, although the specific percentage of the bonus often varies from website to website.

Sites on the Cozy Games network also tend to give you the option of claiming 20% of your cash back that’s spent on Bingo or slot games.

Cozy Game Bingo Sites

Because of how successful the network has become there’s an absolutely huge list of Cozy Games bingo sites available to choose from. Rather than going through every single one we’ve decided to show a selection of what we consider to be the best ones to try.

Lucky Touch Bingo:

At Lucky Touch Bingo you can get your hands on a massive 1150% bonus that’s stretched across your first three deposits of at least £10. Broken down this bonus works out as a 500% bonus on your first deposit, 350% on your second and a final 300% on your third deposit.

Tea Time Bingo:

With Tea Time Bingo you’ll get £15 for free when you sign up, plus when you make your first deposit you’ll be able to claim either a 200% bonus on your deposit or a 25% cash bonus.

Plus when you make a re-deposit you’ll be given the option of either a 400% bonus on your re-deposit or a 150% cash bonus.

Auntie Acid Bingo:

With Auntie Acid Bingo you can get your hands on a brilliant three tiered deposit bonus like Lucky Touch. Broken down it works out as 350% on your first deposit, 250% on your second and a final 300% on your third deposit.

With the Cozy Games network going from strength to strength there’s nothing but unparalleled success waiting for this brilliant Bingo network in the future. What other sites will roll out underneath the Cozy Games banner is something we’ll just have to wait and watch for.