Best Bingo Competitions

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Don’t you just love bingo competitions? There are plenty of them around too – more than you might think. Getting to know various bingo sites and the competitive bingo options they offer is a good place to start – and we’re going to get you started.

Our favourite sites to get competitive


Keep an eye on the promotions available at Wink. They’ve got some great jackpots to be won, not to mention lots of ongoing promotions and events to take part in.

Lucky Touch

Weekly events, bonus offers and lots more besides could come your way when you make the most of your Lucky Touch Bingo membership.


Great games come to your mobile with this superb site. They’ve even got a competition offering a holiday now, so check it out to learn more.

Lucky Cow

With a quarterly Fortune Fountain promotion, not to mention a Slot of the Week perk too, you get lots to enjoy on the  Lucky Cow Bingo site.

Examples of competitive bingo games

Did you know there are several forms of competitive bingo out there today? Try these out for size.


Bingo tournaments have specific rules, run for a set length of time and offer various prizes. For instance, there could be more than one prize depending on where you fall in the final standings. Some run for a week or a month, so there’s lots to play for.

Team events

Yep, you can play online bingo in a team, too! Team bingo games often involve signing up to a team and playing for points or other prizes. If your team places in a prize-winning position, the prize for that position is shared among you.

Jackpot games

Everyone wants to win a jackpot. Most bingo games offer jackpots, ranging from small ones to life-changing amounts. The bigger the jackpot, the more players tend to get involved!

Leaderboard games

Take part in one of these and try to score the most points to reach the top of the leaderboard in a set time. This could be anything up to a month. You can sometimes play different games and your points all count towards your leaderboard total.

What can you expect?

Bingo competitions have all kinds of prize types up for grabs. Check each competition prior to entering so you can see whether you’re happy to win the prizes offered. These are some of the examples you might see:

  • Bonus points
  • Prizes
  • Cash
  • Loyalty points
  • Bingo tickets
  • Actual prizes that would be sent to your home

Top tip: watch out for entry fees

Most competitions have some sort of entry fee involved. However, a bigger fee usually means a chance to win bigger prizes. Check this before you begin.

Tips to win every time!

You can never guarantee yourself a prize in any bingo competition, but there are ways to tip the odds in your favour. Make sure you follow these tips to do just that.

  • Buy as many tickets as the rules allow you to – you’ll maximise your winning chances
  • Pre-buy tickets so you’re ready to play at the right time
  • Play during off hours, i.e. times when fewer people are online playing – there’ll be less competition
  • Make sure you meet the wagering requirements
  • Watch the leaderboard to see how close you are to the top – if you’re nowhere near, you may decide to reserve your budget and tickets for another competition you stand a better chance of winning
  • Be ready to play often during the dates the competition is running for

Take part in the best bingo competitions today

If you love bingo, you’ll love bingo competitions. We do, and there are plenty of them around with lots of prizes to be won. Will we be hearing about your prize-winning luck soon?

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Have Fun and Win Big: Our Picks for Best Bingo Rooms

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If there’s one thing you will soon realise when you start looking at the myriad of online bingo rooms, it’s the presence of lots of different ones. So maybe we should check out just how many there are, and reveal which ones we love the most. Will you agree with our choices?

Sites with best bingo rooms


When you’re a newbie, you’re guaranteed a great welcome at Wink! They have a dedicated Newbies room for 75-ball bingo games, not to mention VIP rooms that are open only to their most dedicated players.

Lucky Cow

Fancy having a shot at one of the biggest jackpots Lucky Cow has to offer? Then head on over to their jackpot game rooms to see just how much you might win!

Lucky Touch

Would you like to play bingo for free? You can do that in the free bingo room offered by the thrilling Lucky Touch bingo site (not to mention trying some other options).

Our favourite bingo rooms

You will probably have your own favourite type of bingo room. However, the best way to find out what your favourite is would be to look at some of the leading options you can choose from. Here are some of our top choices for bingo rooms, along with the reasons you should check them out:

Newbie rooms

As the name would suggest, these are for newbies who have only just joined a particular site. There are some pointers to be aware of here:

  • Entry to these rooms is usually limited to a particular period of time after joining
  • You can sometimes gain entry to free bingo rooms
  • Most tickets are cheap if not free
  • Some rooms only open once weekly, and you need to have joined in that week to gain entry in this case

VIP rooms

Are you a very important bingo player? If you meet the requirements to become a VIP, you can usually find one or more VIP rooms to enter. There are several reasons we tend to like these rooms:

  1. VIP-only usually means fewer players are taking part
  2. There can be less competition for prizes, given the lower number of players
  3. Exclusive bingo game options
  4. Potential for bigger prizes
  5. Free bingo games sometimes give bigger prizes to VIPs as well
  6. Bigger jackpots for cheaper ticket prices
  7. Some VIP rooms have other prizes as well, such as points

Jackpot game rooms

Who wouldn’t love a chance to win a three-or four-figure jackpot while playing bingo? We would! That’s why we love jackpot game rooms so much. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Big jackpots available to win most – if not all – days of the week
  • Ticket prices can still range from just 5p a time in some games
  • Easily accessible for all players
  • More competition – choose games with lower ticket prices to play more cards
  • The thrill of knowing YOU could be the lucky winner…

Free rooms

These are ideal for newbie players who have never tried playing online bingo before. They have plenty of advantages to them as well:

  • Assorted bonuses and prizes offered
  • Every ticket is free
  • Ideal for giving you a chance to get used to playing online bingo
  • Often available alongside paid games, so you can play them often
  • Some still have reasonable jackpots to be won

Which room will be your favourite?

As you can see, there are all kinds of bingo rooms online, any one of which might be your preferred option. Make the most of the newbie opportunities you might have, and if you become a VIP, be sure to check out those rooms as well. Other than that, you can usually find jackpot and free options to enjoy whenever the mood takes you.

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Bingo Sites with Instant Win Games

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Did you know you can play more than just bingo on bingo sites? It’s true – you will also find instant bingo games on these sites, not to mention scratch cards galore. If these are new to you, keep reading to learn more.

Top bingo sites with instant win games


You’ve got a chance to head back to ancient Egypt when you play the Pharaoh’s Luck scratch cards here. Will you be successful with more than one way to win?

Lucky Cow

The gaming fun is fast and furious at Lucky Cow Bingo. Instant bingo prizes can be won, as well as fast wins on slot games and scratch cards.

Lucky Touch

Once you’re a member and you’ve got access to the lobby and the game room, look for their scratch cards and instant win games. There’s plenty to be won!

What are instant win games and scratch cards?

Instant win games and scratch cards both have one thing in common – they allow you to win a prize instantly if luck is on your side. You buy a card or entry into a game, and then play.

We’re all familiar with scratch cards in real life. The online version is only a little different:

  • You buy the card
  • You read the instructions
  • You use your mouse to position your cursor over the areas to be ‘scratched off’
  • You see if you’ve won anything

You’ll normally play one card at a time. Instant win games are very much the same. Once you’ve bought the card or ticket, you are moments away from seeing if you’ve won.

Therefore, the prize is instant rather than you having to wait to see if you have won anything. Some games also have an auto-reveal feature that means you don’t actually have to scratch off the panels on the card. This enables you to play through several games more quickly.

Can you win real money?

Absolutely! However, there is a caveat – some games offer demo game modes that give you a chance to try the game to see what it’s like. Anything you might win in that position won’t be paid, as you were just trying it out.

If you pay for your ticket or scratch card though, you do have a chance to win instant prizes. That’s part of the appeal with bingo scratch cards.

Top tip: try the demo version first

While you won’t win prizes this way, as we’ve discovered, you can learn how the game works. You’ll also see what prizes are available and whether or not you like the game you have chosen.

Are there Ts and Cs to be aware of?

Every game tends to have rules attached to it. These will usually be on the same page as the game itself. You should be able to read them before you play.

Some scratch games may give you a chance to win free tickets as well as cash prizes. Again, the terms and conditions will indicate whether this is the case. A lot depends on the site you are playing the game on.

Here are some points to note:

1. Read the rules before playing
2. Check the RTP – return to player [it should be as high as possible to go in your favour over time]
3. You’ve normally got a fixed ticket or game price to pay each time

Time to get scratching!

Yes, that’s an odd request, we know. But when you realise just how much fun these online scratch cards and instant win bingo games are, you’ll want to try your luck more often. Why not have a go on one of the above sites today?

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