Tablet Bingo with No Deposit Slots

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Tablet bingo sites are packed with gaming options, but there is much more to experience outside of the bingo rooms. For instance, slots have all manner of stories to explore, and you can often do so without spending a penny. Allow us to give you a rundown of exactly how to make free slots work out for you.

Tablet Bingo Sites with No Deposit Slots

The ideal way to start is by sharing our favourite tablet sites for giving you bingo and no deposit slots. Check out these tablet options:

  • Moobile Games – You can try out some free slots by claiming Moobile Games’ £5 free bonus without making a deposit.
  • LadyLucks – The next option is to claim LadyLucks’ larger £20 no deposit bonus that will give you even more free funds.

What is a No Deposit Slots Bonus?

Quite simply, a no deposit slots bonus is an entirely free offer that lets you unlock credit with which to use on slot games. Fundamentally, these offers have to give you the chance to claim the funds without having to deposit a penny of your own money. These bonuses have to also be exclusively designed for use on slots.

How it Compare with Other No Deposit Offers

A no deposit bonus will give you a monetary value of credit to play with – for example, £5. However, the credit differs from free spins because you will have complete control of the value of each wager. By contrast, free spins have pre-assigned values and will not let you change them.

The second type of bonus to look out for is when no deposit bonuses are integrated within wider newbie offers. For instance, you might receive the funds when claiming a welcome package that includes deposits bonuses and free spins. Ideally, you want a no deposit bonus that is isolated because it will not tie you in.

Winning Real Money

When playing free with complimentary funds, some players are concerned that they will not be able to win real money. First, though, you need to accept that the bonus funds are intended to have fun with and give you a risk-free trial period. Once you accept this, you can relax and enjoy the experience, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot still profit.

In playing no deposit slots for real money, you just might have moments where you create a highly rewarding match of symbols and trigger a big-time jackpot. When this happens, you just need to take a step back and consider the situation. By doing this, you can go read the terms and conditions (Ts & Cs) to see the criteria you must meet before withdrawing the winnings.

Watch Out for Ts & Cs

Every single casino promotion will have Ts & Cs to govern your experience, as these sites have to safeguard against criminal organisations laundering money. As such, you have to be smart and not take personal. When playing no deposit slot games, make sure to check these fundamental Ts & Cs:

  1. Wagering requirements: Most tablet casinos will apply these requirements to stipulate how many times the funds must be played through before they can be withdrawn (for example: 60x).
  2. Bonus duration: Watch out for the expiry date, as these can run from a couple of days to a couple of months from site to site.
  3. Winning restrictions: No deposit offers can typically restrict how much winnings you can claim, so make sure to check.
  4. Withdrawal limits: Casinos can apply minimum limits on withdrawals, while also requesting a first deposit to your account.

Our Favourite Free Slots

There are lots of slots that can be played without spending any money, but some are much stronger than others. Why not check out our favourites below:

  • Cleopatra (Moobile Games): IGT’s Cleopatra slot is the definitive Egyptian game that can be found at casinos. Try it now at Moobile games and you can try to win via 20 paylines and free spins.
  • Golden Goddess (LadyLucks): A mythical odyssey is promised to those who play Golden Goddess, which can currently be played at LadyLucks. Along with the 40 paylines, you can also win from free spins and bonuses.

Bingo sites are also great for finding no deposit slots that are also playable on your tablet. Make the most of these experiences to save money while gaming on the go.

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Paypal Casinos with Refer-a-Friend Bonuses

mfortune bingoPlay mFortune with £5 FREE - Keep what you WIN!

You can tell a lot about a casino’s attitude towards its community of members by the kind of bonus it gives for referring friends to join. We’ll take a good look at this type of promotion after giving a sense of a couple great examples of the offer:

Great Friend-Referral Bonuses

People will value different approaches to refer a friend rewards from a casino, as long as they are generous. Check out the following 2 types of top kick-backs.


Refer friends here and you’ll get an instant £5 cash for each, just like every new player’s £5 welcome bonus (free of wagering requirements!). But you also get 50% of the amount your friends initially deposit, which will be more than £5 since new members get 100% deposit matches from mFortune.


The approach from LadyLucks, again matching its welcome bonus, is to credit a member with a flat £20 cash when a referred friend joins. It’s a simple, honest, generous spiff. New players receive up to £500 in matching cash, too!

What Is a Refer a Friend Bonus?

You don’t have to read between the lines much on this type of casino promotion, but you may want to think about why it exists at all. Basically, you get a refer a friend deal when you help your casino increase its members.

Obviously, casinos want to do good business, but they know that ultimately they make the most profit when they create a happy community of loyal players. This type of bonus goes a long way in those regards, as you’ll see!

What Can You Expect from Friend Referrals?

Now, let’s run through the nuts and bolts of the kinds of kick-backs you can receive from the way various casinos approach the practice of making a refer a friend casino bonus available to members.

Real Cash

What player wouldn’t want some extra money to wager on their favourite games? When it comes from getting a friend to play with them, all the better! (Keep in mind, this type of bonus is likely to carry the same restrictions as others, which you can learn about in its T&Cs.)

Bonus Cash

With a slight distinction from ‘real cash’ free and clear, bonus cash may result from getting a percentage of what your friend deposits (like at LadyLucks, see above). You might get a shot at extra cash in a variety of ways when referring friends, such a spin on a bonus wheel.

Bonus Points

A casino may hand out cash or points, in other words casino credits (like an in-house currency) that can be used to play games. It may give a bunch of loyalty points also, which you store up to eventually trade for cash, credits, prizes, or level up to VIP status.

Free Spins

Easiest of all, referring friends may score you free spins for featured slots. Since many sites are social casinos, you can spin away while showing your newbie friend the ropes.

Are there T & Cs to be aware of?

In a word, yes, there are terms and conditions attached to a refer a friend bonus just as there are for most all casino bonuses and promotions. Very few sites — only a handful, honestly — allow players to get free cash, deposit matches, free spins, or friend referral kick-backs no-strings attached.

If you like the idea of enjoying a bonus without wagering requirements then check out mFortune (see above)!

Last Words on Getting Friendly

Truth be told, far too many players neglect to avail the friend referral benefits available from their existing casino membership, or their new ones. That does not make a lot of sense because the leading casinos are designed for social gaming, so that it is easy to play alongside friends, or team up in tournaments.

So, don’t be so shy. Here’s our recommendation: tell your friends you’ve found a great online casino and you want them to play with you there. That way, when the casino contacts them (usually with an email address you provide) they are eager to join, and bonuses start flowing all the faster!

mfortune bingoPlay mFortune with £5 FREE - Keep what you WIN!

Tablet Bingo with Free Spins

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We’re firm believers that variety is the spice of life so of course, we want to spin some reels in between bingo games. If you too, enjoy playing slot games then you’ll probably appreciate some free spins.  Don’t worry you don’t need to hunt around for them because we have a list of the best free spins bingo sites right here for your perusal.

Best tablet bingo sites with free spins

Wink Bingo is one of the leading brands in the online bingo world.  It has an excellent selection of games and a generous welcome offer.  However, it doesn’t offer free spins as part of the welcome offer but you can earn free spins in other ways.  Free spins are a relatively new feature at  They might be a bit behind other free spins bingo sites but we’re really pleased that they’re now offering free spins as it makes the site even better than what it already was.

888ladies Bingo is the sister site of Wink Bingo and has also introduced free spins to the site.  What’s also pretty cool about is that it’s powered by Dragonfish but it has all its own games so you’re guaranteed to have slots of fun playing here.

Lucky Cow Bingo is less than a year old but it sure does know how to pack a punch.  We’re a big fan of this site because the welcome offer is totally different from anything else out there.  Okay, so it’s not the first time we’ve spun a wheel for a bonus but it is the first time we’ve spun a wheel for a free spins bonus.

How do you get free spins?

Free spins are generally given away as part of a promotion – whether it’s part of the welcome offer, a slots tournament, prize draw or some other sort of promotion.  There are different ways to get your hands on free spins and you’ll need to check the promotions page to find out what you need to do – it may be as simple as making a first deposit.

If it’s part of the welcome offer like it is at Lucky Cow Bingo your free spins will be credited to your account on the spot so you can start using them straight away but if you receive your free spins as part of another promotion you might need to wait for them but it should tell you on the promotions page when they will be credited.

Do you have to deposit money to get your free spins?

If your free spins are part of the welcome offer you’ll probably need to make a first deposit to claim your free spins which is usually just £10 but some sites offer a free spins bonus no deposit which is even better.  If it’s a prize then you’ll receive them automatically without having to make a deposit.

Can you win real money?

The great thing about free spins is that you can win real money without spending a penny.  How amazing would that be if you manage to turn your free spins into some cold hard cash?  When you’re using free spins you’ll play the slot game as normal with the only difference being that you won’t be able to adjust your bet until you’ve used up all of your free spins.

Are there Ts and Cs to be aware of?

Before you start spinning those reels we highly recommend that you check the terms and conditions and remember they vary from site to site.  More often than not your free spins will be eligible on selected slot games only but don’t worry these are usually the most popular games on the site or your free spins could be for a brand new slot.

There will also be a wagering requirement attached to your free spins which is usually higher for free spins than what it is for other types of bonuses.  Another thing that you should be aware of is that you probably won’t be able to bag the jackpot from your free spins.  Nonetheless, it’s a freebie so who cares and it’s a great way to warm you up for that big jackpot when you start wagering your own cash.

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Tablet Bingo Sites with Spin the Wheel Bonus

Lucky Cow BingoPlay Lucky Cow Bingo & Get ready to Win!

Psst! Ever heard of a spin the wheel bonus? If not, we’re about to reveal all the details you need, so you can be sure of taking advantage of spinning a prize-packed wheel on a couple of leading bingo sites…

Tablet sites with spin the wheel bonus

Lucky Cow

Check out the Lucky Cow Bingo site to see whether you could grab a nice freebie from their Spin the Wheel bonus option. There could be free spins in store for any one of four slot games…


Well, of course it’s called the Wink Wheel here, isn’t it? And every time you make a deposit of a tenner or more you’ll be assured of a lovely bonus prize.

What is a spin the wheel bonus?

A spin the wheel bonus is usually granted when you do one of these two things on a site that has such a wheel:

  1. You join the site
  2. You make a deposit on said site

For example, here’s how Wink and Lucky Cow Bingo work:

  • Wink has four bonus wheels depending on whether you’re a newbie or making a subsequent deposit, or even if you’re a VIP member
  • Lucky Cow has a free spins wheel for newcomers to spin the first time they make a deposit

The wheel gives you a chance to win one of several prizes, or an amount of free spins from the amounts given on the wheel.

How does it compare to a no deposit/free spins offer and other deposit offers?

When you see a bingo deposit bonus spin the wheel offer, you will see a few differences to deposit offers:

  1. The Lucky Cow wheel has several amounts of free spins to be won, instead of a set amount you get when you join
  2. Spin the wheel at Lucky Cow and get from 5 to 500 free spins on one of four games, depending on where the needles land when the wheel stops
  3. A no deposit, free spins offer generally means you get a set amount for joining without paying anything into your account, along with a set number of free spins
  4. At Wink, you can spin the wheel every time you make a deposit
  5. The offers change according to which wheel you spin at Wink (there are different ones for during the week and the weekend)

In other words, instead of getting a set offer, you can spin the wheel to try and get something better, while still being guaranteed a specific win.

Can you win real cash?

It depends on the wheel. Most of the time, you’ll win prizes like these:

  • A percentage bingo bonus
  • A percentage games bonus
  • A number of free spins
  • A super bonus (only revealed if you spin this option)
  • A combo featuring a bonus for bingo or games AND some free spins

Top tip: oftentimes you will be able to spin the wheel when you make a deposit

You could therefore make several smaller deposits and get more spins of the wheel than if you simply spun it once for a big-value deposit.

Are there Ts and Cs?

Most special offers and promotions have T&Cs attached, so remember this:

  1. Check the details of each spin the wheel bingo bonus you come across
  2. Read the T&Cs for each one (they’re usually underneath the bonus info)
  3. Make sure you understand and adhere to them at all times

That’s it! It’s easy to know the rules, so make sure you read them before spinning that wheel.

Have a go at spin the wheel bingo sites today!

Being able to visit bingo sites with spin the wheel bonus opportunities adds another exciting layer onto the perks of being a member. Wink and Lucky Cow Bingo are both leading sites in the bingo world, and with these added perks as well, you can see why they’re so popular. Give them a try today and get spinning!

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