Progressive Jackpot Slots

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Have you come across progressive jackpot slots online yet? If not, you’re missing a trick that could potentially win you a hefty hunk of cash! Don’t worry, though – we’ve got all the info you need to know.

Where to find the best progressive jackpot slots

Big Tease

Big Tease doesn’t just offer progressive jackpot slots – it has loads of other slots, too. Add in some bingo games, not to mention casino games, and you’ve got the perfect mix.


Cheers! Wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate a big win here? Lots of slots are available, including the ever-popular progressive version of Fluffy Favourites.


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What is a progressive jackpot slot?

This is an additional jackpot offered on top of the big prizes shown in the slot’s paytable. Here are the facts:

  • A percentage of every bet goes into a separate pot
  • As more bets are placed, the jackpot grows
  • Someone wins it as soon as the relevant conditions are met (more about this in a moment)

What about flat top jackpots?

Ever heard of these? Here’s the lowdown:

  1. They’ve standalone, i.e. one slot, one site, one jackpot
  2. The jackpot isn’t linked with other sites that have the same game
  3. The jackpot amount is usually much lower than for other progressive pots
  4. It often pays out more frequently

So, there are key differences between the two.

Standalone vs network progressive jackpot slots

What’s the difference? Let’s take a look:

  • Standalone – one site will offer a jackpot on that site only
  • Network – a network of associated sites that all have the same game will combine to provide one big progressive jackpot between them

Pros of each jackpot type

  • A standalone jackpot is only available to win for players who take part on that one site – that means less competition for the prize
  • A network jackpot has more players across more sites, hence the prize can go much higher

Cons of each jackpot type

  • Expect a smaller jackpot for a standalone game
  • With potentially hundreds or even thousands of players over several sites for a networked jackpot, you’ve got a lot more competition for that pot

Can I play with bonus funds or free spins?

Possibly – but do read the T&Cs for each individual game prior to doing this. Some games allow it, some don’t.

  • You must be playing with real funds; the jackpot won’t trigger in a demo game
  • Free spins, bonus money, and similar elements may have wagering requirements attached
  • If so, you could win the jackpot and be required to wager that amount several times over before receiving it – not good!

Does it matter how much I bet?

It may do. Some slots require you to place the maximum bet to be in with a shot at the jackpot. Others require you to cover all the lines, no matter what bet size you use.

Our golden rule: Always check betting requirements for progressive slot jackpots

That way, you won’t be disappointed.

When will the jackpot drop?

It’s usually impossible to tell. Even if the paytable tells you what you must do to trigger it, you must still achieve that to scoop the pot. There are several ways progressive slot jackpots can pay out:

  • Entirely at random
  • Specific combo of symbols
  • When it hits a certain level, i.e. £20,000, for example

How does RTP affect winnings?

RTP is short for return to player. The longer you play, the more accurate the percentage is likely to be. Some games, such as Fluffy Favourites, have two versions – one with a progressive pot and one without.

Here are the different RTPs for the game:

  • Normal Fluffy Favourites RTP – 95%
  • Progressive jackpot Fluffy Favourites RTP – 89.9%

Progressive slots must allocate a small part of every bet for that pot. That means there is less money to pay out for other prizes. So, if you play a slot with a progressive prize, there will be a lower RTP for the rest of the game’s prizes.

Are there Ts and Cs to think about?

Yes. Consider these:

  • If you won, would the prize be paid wholly or in instalments?
  • Are there withdrawal limits that mean you can’t get your hands on all the money?
  • Would you be required to take part in publicity?
  • What do you need to bet to have a shot at winning? (Sometimes a max bet is required to give you a chance of winning the big prize.)

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Bingo Sites with Slots

cheers bingoSpin the Wheel for up to 500 free spins - Play Cheers Bingo!

Even if you normally stick to bingo, there’s lots of additional fun to be had when you play slots, too. With plenty of slots variants around, you never know what you’ll come across next! We’ve focused on the best sites to visit for these, and what you should expect to see when you get there.

Where to find the most slot game variety


Wink is packed with superb slots that fall into all kinds of categories. The more you play, the more you will see they’re a great alternative to Wink bingo if you want something different.

Big Tease

We won’t tease you too much – we’ll just say there are lots of exciting slots to be had at Big Tease. Look for Aztec Rising Jackpot, 88 Fortunes, and Aloha Cluster Pays among others.


You might be saying ‘Cheers!’ if you win a great prize on one of their slots! Fluffy Favourites, Shaman’s Dream, and Ramesses Riches all make an appearance here.

Why play slots on a bingo site?

There are pros and cons of doing this, as you might guess. We’ve collated the best (and the worst) reasons to play, so you can make an educated decision on what to expect.

The advantages

  • It gives you a totally different experience to bingo
  • You have a chance to win huge jackpots
  • The games have a high RTP (return to player)

The disadvantages

  • It can be a fast way to lose cash
  • The wagering requirements can be big
  • You must spend money to play for prizes, in contrast to bingo where you’ll usually find free bingo games offering real prizes

Slot variants

New bingo sites with slots might have a range of the following, and you could also find them on long-established bingo sites.

Classic slots

Classic slots are the original slots – the one-armed bandit machines. These usually have just three reels and one payline, although some more modern versions have experimented with additional lines. They also have few features other than perhaps a wild icon.

Video slots

Video slots focus on providing the player with advanced graphics and animated elements. These combine to create a stunning game that looks good and is far from basic.

Multiline slots

The name is a giveaway – these are the games offering more than one payline to bet on. There can be lots of variations here:

  • 10 lines
  • 20 lines
  • 25 lines
  • 30 lines
  • 40 lines
  • 50 lines

Other games work on ‘ways to win’, offering 243 ways or even 1,024 ways or more.

3D slots

The name speaks for itself. You get superb 3D graphics that draw you into the game and make it a lot more fun to play. Some software companies, such as Betsoft for example, have plenty of these titles to try.

Slots with bonus features

Bonus features are among the most popular elements of all slot games. Aside from the more common wild and scatter symbols, you may also spot these in your slot games:

  • Free spins bonus features
  • Pick to Win bonuses
  • On-reel bonuses (a bonus contained within the base game)
  • Second-screen bonuses (these take place on an entirely different screen, and are usually connected to the main slot theme)

Progressive slots

A progressive slot is one that has a jackpot that gets progressively bigger with each real bet someone makes. A portion of that bet is placed in a pot, so the more people play, the bigger the jackpot becomes. There are several types of progressive slot jackpots, too:

  1. Standalone progressives – as the name suggests, this version amasses a jackpot unique to that specific game
  2. Wide area progressives – these are most likely to have the monster jackpots, as the jackpot builds with bets placed on every occurrence of that game that can be found; some IGT slots are based on this format
  3. Local area progressives – these occur when a game is used by several websites (or real casinos) owned by the same company

Flat top slots

Fewer people have heard of this variation, but the explanation for these is simple. A flat top slot is one that has a fixed jackpot associated with the game. The jackpot is associated only with that game, and it is always set at the same amount, therefore it’s the maximum you could win from playing it.

Our favourite variants

Fluffy Favourites

Cheers offers this slot, and it’s a popular one. The bonus features include Toybox Pick and a free spins feature, which could win you up to 25 free spins.

Hansel and Gretel

Watch Hansel and Gretel walk through the darkened forest as you spin the reels on this popular slot game. it’s a great example of a video slot, and one that really draws you into the action at Big Tease.

Millionaire Genie

If you want to try winning a progressive jackpot, try your luck with Millionaire Genie. This engaging slot is available to play at Wink now.

How to scoop some spins on bingo sites

Yes, there are ways you can do this and still be in with a shot of winning some real cash prizes. Look at these methods:

  • Watch for deposit bonuses offering free spins for a game, or for any slot game you want to play
  • Some sites offer promotions when a new slot is launched, i.e. claim 20 free spins on the new slot if you claim before a certain date
  • Free spins are offered within many slots; get a combination of icons on the reels and you are awarded some free spins to use
  • VIP and newbie deals – both newcomers to a site and VIP members often get free spins on slot games as part of the perks available to them

Get to grips with the best bingo sites with slots today!

There are plenty of bingo sites with slots you could visit if you want to have some fun playing these games. Now you know what to look for, you can maximise your chances of winning. Good luck and happy spinning!

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Is Online Bingo Fixed?

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If you read enough about online bingo and people’s opinions of it, you’ll eventually come across someone who starts talking about bingo scams. They’ll say one or two players on a particular site are constantly winning, and therefore it must be a scam.

So is it true? Is bingo fixed, and is this something you should be wary about?

Safe and fair bingo sites


Wink Bingo is well-known among thousands of players. They’re part of Cassava Enterprises and a subsidiary of 888 Holdings plc, which is responsible for several top-notch bingo sites.

Lucky Cow

This is one of the Jumpman Gaming websites, and they have a link to their current UK Gambling Commission licence on their site. Their software is also fully tested and approved.


Moobile Games is part of IGT plc and is operated by GTECH UK Interactive Ltd. They have provided their licence number for the UK Gambling Commission on their website, providing you with peace of mind.

Can bingo games be fixed?

You might be surprised to know it’s incredibly difficult to do so. No bingo site can be launched in the UK unless and until it has achieved a number of things:

  • Regulation by the UK Gambling Commission
  • Access to an approved and independently-tested random number generator

Without that approved RNG, they won’t get approval to be regulated.

Our top tip – always stick to sites you know, or those that are operated by familiar companies

Steer clear of a new site, unless it is run by a company that already has other trustworthy sites in its arsenal of bingo sites.

Why do some players win more than others?

There are usually a few familiar reasons for this:

  1. They pre-buy tickets so they don’t forget to take part in a particular game and they’re ready when it starts
  2. They buy the maximum number of bingo cards they’re allowed per game
  3. They spend a lot of time playing on one site

If you take part in lots of games every day of the week, you’re likely to win more than someone who only ever plays the occasional game every couple of weeks. That’s a fact, and it holds up for any and every game where prizes are up for grabs.

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How can I be sure my favourite bingo site is fair?

There are a number of ways you can do that. Firstly, check to see whether the site is approved by the UK Gambling Commission. If it’s not, steer well clear to be safe.

Here are a number of other things to think about:

  • Check the site uses a random number generator
  • Go for well-known and long-established bingo sites
  • Check they use certified software (look for eCOGRA certification)
  • Fixing online bingo games is very difficult!

That last point is worth pondering. The UK market has so many rules and regulations it would be virtually impossible for anyone to scam people via a legit site. Most bingo players will recognise the companies behind the bingo sites anyway, and will stick with reliable ones at all times.

How can I improve my shot at winning?

There are a few ways you can do this, and it’s better to focus on this than being annoyed at the fact other players are winning. You just have to try and replicate what they’re doing to increase your own odds!

Buy the biggest number of tickets you can afford
Look to spread your bingo budget over a larger number of cheaper games
Pre-buy tickets to make sure you don’t miss out on games
Play a variety of games including free-to-play games alongside the paid ones

Enjoy safe and enjoyable bingo games today

The main thing is to find bingo sites run by reputable companies. If you’re totally new to online bingo, stick with the three we’ve mentioned above to start with. They’ll allow you to have a great time without worrying about whether they’re trustworthy or not.

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Bingo Sites with Progressive Jackpots

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It’s always good to have a chance to win a few bingo prizes whenever you play. However, if you have a chance to win progressive bingo jackpots, you will get that extra thrill from every single game you play.

We’ve got the info you’ve been looking for on this type of jackpot. Once you’ve read this, you’ll know everything there is to know about it. Ready?

Sites with the best progressive jackpots

Some websites are known for having great jackpots. When it comes to progressives, try these ones and check out the options available:

  • Wink – lots of progressives here, some playing 24/7
  • Lucky Cow – lots of bingo games and yes, some have progressive jackpots
  • 888 Ladies – it’s worth looking for the jackpot section of their website to catch the latest progressive opportunities
  • Cheers – check the jackpot games section of the promotion page to learn more about their offers

What is a progressive jackpot?

Good question! Basically, whenever a game has a progressive jackpot, a small percentage of each ticket sold is contributed to the progressive jackpot fund. The more tickets are sold, the bigger the fund gets.

In a way, they are self-perpetuating. That’s because people love the chance of winning them, so more people take part, and that means more contributions are made to the overall fund. They’re not easy to win, but everyone has an equal chance of trying!

How does it compare to other jackpots?

Another good question and one that’s worth an answer. Let’s look at a couple of other jackpot types and how they work:

Jackpot TypeHow it works
Guaranteed jackpotFixed amount guaranteed before game begins. It can also be a minimum fixed amount that can get bigger as the game progresses.
Sliding jackpotStarts as a specified amount. It can get smaller as the game passes specified stages.

Are there terms and conditions (Ts and Cs)?

Bingo progressive jackpots will of course have terms and conditions attached to them. The best thing to do is to go through the following steps every time you want to play a bingo game that has a progressive jackpot involved:

  1. Choose your game
  2. Read through the terms and conditions
  3. Find out what you need to do to win the progressive jackpot
  4. Start playing!

It does sound simple, doesn’t it? Quite often the rules will be pretty straightforward. However, some of the games are more complex than others.

The main rule of thumb is to read the Ts and Cs first, before you take part in the games.

Top tip: only play progressive jackpot bingo games with your own money

This might sound obvious, but there is another option here. You could play soon after joining a particular bingo site, and if you do, you might end up playing your chosen game using bonus money you got when you signed up. This has downsides:

  • Playthrough limitations
  • You may not actually qualify to win the progressive jackpot
  • You could win the jackpot and not be able to claim it

None of these are particularly conducive to enjoying a progressive jackpot game, so do bear this in mind.

Is progressive jackpot bingo for you?

Some people merely love the thrill of playing bingo, whatever type it might be. Yet there is no doubt the added fun of having a progressive jackpot up for grabs can make an otherwise-standard game more fun to play.

If it is a choice between a regular bingo game and one that has all the same prizes plus the possibility of winning a progressive jackpot, which one would you go for? We thought so!

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The Ultimate Guide to Bingo Variants

Lucky Cow BingoPlay Lucky Cow Bingo & Get ready to Win!

No matter how much you love bingo, it’s to be expected that you might get a little bored with the usual games after a while. That’s why it’s so exciting to play hybrid bingo from time to time. If you want to learn more about online bingo variants, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Our top picks for sites with hybrid bingo games

Lucky Cow

Lucky Cow perks things up a bit and will have you in clover with their video bingo variant. It’ll certainly get you up and ‘mooving’!


Wink is home to 5-line bingo, sometimes called Swedish bingo (although both mean the same thing). It’s fast and furious and you’ll usually see lots of winners (which means lots of chances to win!).

888 Ladies

Flash 5s is flashy and fast! You buy tickets, each with five playing cards included. The aim is to cover all five cards as the bingo caller names cards one by one.

Traditional bingo games vs bingo variations

There are plenty of traditional games out there, too. If you want to compare those with the variations of bingo, you can do that right here:

  • 90-ball – this uses 90 numbers and you can win with one line, two lines or a full house
  • 75-ball – you will see all kinds of winning patterns in this form of bingo
  • 30-ball – sometimes called speed bingo, and the one way to win is with a full house
  • 50-ball – each ticket has two rows of five numbers, and you can win by completing one line or a full house
  • 5-line/Swedish – five lines means five chances to win with each ticket

Card games with a bingo twist

Did you know there are bingo variations featuring cards as well? We’ve unearthed two you might want to try if you enjoy playing cards and bingo and you want to combine the two. Who knew you could do that?!

Joker Jackpot Bingo

This uses the full deck of cards including the jokers. Each ticket has a 3×3 grid of nine playing cards. You can win one of two prizes, depending on the cards you cross off:

Flash Fives

It’s flash, it’s quick, it uses playing cards and you only get five cards in a hand. The idea, as you might guess, is to cover each card in a hand with a chip as the cards are called out. The first player to do it will win the prize for that hand.

TV show variants

You just knew TV shows would get in on the act, didn’t you? There are four major television shows that have come up with their own bingo variations too, as shown here:

Slot-themed variations

Even the slots have got in on the act and delivered a selection of bingo variants to try out.

Immortal Romance Bingo

This is based on the 90-ball bingo game, but each strip of tickets also comes with special numbers relating to assorted game features. The vampire theme of the original slot is played out here as well, with the different characters popping up to offer different ways to win. Think wild numbers and bonus balls, for instance.

Rainbow Riches Bingo

This one only uses 40 balls and each bingo card only features eight numbers – four on each four-leafed clover (two clovers on each card). Fill in one clover and win a prize; you’ll get the chance of a full house with both clovers, too. There is also a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…

Variants on mobile

It gets better still when you start looking at bingo options on your mobile phone or tablet:

  • Cash Cubes – fast and different, you have to collect cubes to win prizes
  • Emoji Bingo – instead of bingo balls you get emojis…

Give one of these a try if you want to perk up your usual bingo play.

What do we love about bingo hybrids?

What don’t we love?! It’s hard to boil everything down into a few lines, but we’ll have a go anyway:

  • Plenty of variety
  • Lots of different card types
  • You get games where bingo balls aren’t used at all
  • Several types of hybrid games available
  • Lots of fun to be had
  • Multiple prizes to win per ticket

Really, what more could you want from your favourite bingo games? You may even find you love hybrid bingo a whole lot more than regular bingo!

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Best Payout Bingo Sites

mecca bingoMecca Bingo Gives you £40 Free on 1st Deposit!

Before many of us play on a bingo site, there is one important question we aim to ask. How likely am I to win? Playing bingo for fun is great but we all love to win. That’s why payout frequency is a huge concern for those of us who bet real cash. Discovering the best online bingo sites for winning can seem like a triumph in itself! Since we’re a generous bunch, we’ve decided to share our knowledge. We have compiled a list of the best payout bingo sites, to steer those of you with a competitive streak in the right direction.

888 Ladies: New players play with £60 when they deposit their first £10 deposit.

Wink: A 250% bingo bonus and a chance to spin the wheel of prizes will be yours after your first £10 deposit.

Tasty: Deposit £10 and play with £40 as a newbie at Tasty Bingo.

Mecca: Fancy earning £50 of free playing credit? Then sign up to Mecca Bingo and deposit £10.

What is RTP?

RTP stands for Return to Player and is a common unit of measurement in the betting industry. It one of the statistics that allows players to judge how popular a slot game or machine is likely to be. You will always find the return to player data in a percentage format. The reason for this is because the figure is calculated in relation to a £100 wager. Basically, the percentage RTP tells a player how much the machine pays out for every £100 wagered. Therefore, if the RTP is 94.5% this means that for every £100 that enters the slot it will pay £94.50 back out.

It’s important to note that the RTP gives players an idea what the machine is likely to pay out over time. It is a long term calculation. Almost anything can happen in the short term and volatility is high in slot games. The RTP is the opposite of house advantage. This is another term you may hear when searching for the best online bingo payouts. The house advantage is the sum of cash that the house is likely to keep per £100 wagered. If you see a 5% house advantage then you know that the RTP is 95%.

Are there T’s and C’s to look out for?

As when looking at any online betting promo, you should always check terms and conditions. In addition to checking out a game’s RTP, you should always research the wagering requirements. These are extremely important facts to know. A promotion which may seem like a great deal can be thwarted by high wagering requirements.

Wagering requirements are basically a level of funds you have to wager before you will be able to withdraw winnings. Therefore, although a game has a great RTP it may not quite be enough to be considered a good deal. If it has extremely high wagering requirements you will be forced to invest a large some of your own cash in order to gain access to any winnings. A higher likelihood of winnings means little if you can’t gain access to them.

It’s always a good idea to check out all terms and conditions before playing any game so you can assess your best option. Earning the best bingo payouts requires all the relevant information, not just parts of it.

To conclude, the best bingo payout sites are hard to come by. These are the sites that in addition to offering games which a high RTP, also have low wagering requirements. Always be sure to check full terms and conditions on any sites you play on to ensure you get the best deal.

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Tablet Bingo sites with Low Wagering Requirements

Lucky Cow BingoPlay Lucky Cow Bingo & Get ready to Win!

Tablet bingo has taken off in a big way recently. More sites are becoming compatible with mobile devices therefore, players are gaining a higher level of choice. Now players can log on to their favourite bingo sites on the go. However, as there are more tablet bingo sites, competition is fierce. Now players are savvier when it comes to choosing which tablet bingo site to play on. Finding a site with low wagering requirements very often comes top of the list for many users. Wagering requirements are a huge factor to take into consideration when playing bingo; especially if you want to get the most for your money. Look at the list below to find bingo sites with low wagering requirements:

Wink: Spin the wheel of prizes and claim an extra 250% bingo bonus with your first £10 deposit at Wink Bingo.

Luckycow: Do you want the chance to win up to 500 free spins on some of the web’s top slots? Then sign up to Luckycow bingo and deposit £10 today.

Cheers: Deposit £10 and get £20 free! New players also spin the wheel to win up to £5-£2500.

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements relate to the level of your own cash you will need to wager in order to release bonus winnings. These can throw a massive spanner in the works when it comes to promotions. An offer which may seem at first glance to be a great deal can turn out not to be good value for money when wagering requirements are taken into account. For example, a site could ask you to deposit £10 in order to receive another £50 in bonus funds. Initially, receiving £50 for free looks like a fantastic deal. However, the site may enforce 30x wagering requirements on the promo. This means that in order to claim any winnings gained from bonus funds, you would have to wager that initial £10 another 30 times. Only when you’ve fulfilled the wagering requirements of the promotion, will your winnings be released into your account.

Wagering requirements will differ from site to site. They can even differ from promotion to promotion so it’s always best to have them a thorough look. Always aim to play on low wagering bingo sites. They allow you to keep more of your money. Regardless of which device you are playing on, wagering requirements should be a concern. Make sure to look out for low wager mobile bingo.

Are there typical T’s and C’s to be aware of?

Typically, players should be aware that wagering requirements can change even within the same site. With this in mind, always check the terms and conditions of the individual promotion that you are thinking of undertaking. Whilst being aware of the minimum withdrawal limits on bingo sites is a sensible thing to do, awareness of individual promo terms is an even better safeguard.

Wagering requirements do not just differ per promotion but also per game. On some sites, wagering requirements on casino games will be different from slots or bingo. Some games may also be exempt from counting towards wagering requirements.

Another common item to be aware of is a site’s withdrawal limit. This is when a site caps the amount a player is able to withdraw from their account during a set time period. This will fluctuate from site to site. Most bingo sites will set a daily, weekly and monthly limit. The number of times you attempt to withdraw can also be capped.

To summarise, playing on sites with low wagering requirements give you easier access to your winnings. You will not have to part with large sums of money on these sites before your funds are released into your account. However, also, be aware of other T’s and C’s such as withdrawal caps and exemptions.

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Best Online Bingo Security Suggestions

We all love playing our favourite slot and bingo games online. Unfortunately with any form of online transaction taking place, there is always a slight risk of internet fraud. With the new year just round the corner, we felt it best to keep you up to date with all the latest security threats. The coming year is due to be a great year for online gaming. With many big plans already announced for 2016, this is sure to be a year of innovation. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on any of these exciting events. So without further ado, here are a list of threats that you should keep an eye out for. Don’t worry, we haven’t left you without a paddle. We’ve included possible solutions too!

Tea Time BingoIt's Tea Time!


Unfortunately hackers don’t simply exist in the plots of your favourite movies. Thankfully, not many of them are quite the same calibre as Neo in The Matrix. However, without the proper safety precautions you could find yourself the victim of internet fraud at the hands of other hackers. These individuals will prey on those who do not safeguard themselves against fraud. Don’t make it easy for hackers. Always ensure you have adequate antivirus on the device from which you are conducting transactions. Make sure that your antivirus is up-to-date and up to the task. Many antivirus programmes will alert you as soon as someone tries to breach your system. However, it can also be prudent to scan your system regularly to check for possible threats.

Another way to thwart hackers is change your password regularly. It is never advised to have the same password for a number of different accounts- especially if these are linked to your online banking. Try making your password as difficult as possible to crack. For instance, you could try to incorporate a variety of upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols thus making it more difficult to guess.


Phishing is the enemy of every internet user. Phishing scams often come in the form of emails or pop up messages. Try to keep up to date with the latest mobile bingo scams so you’re never duped. Generally they will claim to be a legitimate company needing access to your credentials to solve a problem or to reward you in some way. One of the best ways to combat them is to always be vigilant when anyone asks you for your details. Some email and website scams in particular can be very plausible. Question everything. For instance, it is unlikely that your bank will ever ask for your details via email. Play on trusted sites such as Bingo Hollywood mobile, as much as possible. If you are concerned about a possible instance of pishing, you should contact the dedicated organisation who deals with these breaches. In the UK, this is Action Fraud.

Another way to avoid phishing is to play bingo without entering your bank details online. You can do this by utilising alternative payment methods such as PaysafeCard. These vouchers can be purchased for cash in stores and contain a code which can then be entered in the banking section of your preferred bingo site to deposit playing credit. Check the site you are playing on to see which alternative methods they accept.

Theft of mobile/tablet

It’s never easy when you have a mobile or tablet stolen. Often, in addition to the physical cost of the device, there is a worry surrounding information leak. One way to avoid having your iPad stolen is to have a bag alarm. These will alert you if someone is attempting to steal the device from your handbag. A way to safeguard against information leak is to make use of the biometric security features on your device. Many devices have a fingerprint feature now which will prevent anyone from entering unauthorised. At the very least, you should aim to password protect your mobile device.

There will always be a small threat to online security when gaming. Any online transaction carries the same risk. Use the above online bingo tips to not only safeguard yourself against fraud in bingo but in any online endeavour.

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Speed Bingo Games

For those players out there who love bingo but crave a higher-octane version, instead of upping the stakes why not try your hand at speed bingo? Speed bingo is a fast-paced variety of the game where numbers are called out in quick succession. There are a number of speed bingo online games available. We’ve put together a list of the top turbo bingo games that are fully optimised for mobile and tablet platforms. Check out these sites to play your favourite quick bingo games on the go.

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Tombola’s Pulse Bingo: Pulse is a 36 ball game and requires you to tick off all 12 balls on your bingo card to call bingo. When you first open your card you’ll notice that this game features a floating ball card which makes things slightly more difficult. If you want the balls to stay static, all you have to do is click the ‘velocity’ option. You also have a choice whether you wish to tick off your numbers manually or have the game do it for you by engaging the auto-dauber function. As you play the background will change colour in quick succession. If you’re playing with the sounds on then you’ll also tick your numbers off to an ever-quickening heartbeat. Choose the price of the ticket you wish to buy and this, in turn, will determine the jackpot you play for. Tickets begin at 10p with a £2 maximum. The higher your ticket price, the higher the jackpot. Choosing a £2 stake will have you playing for a top jackpot of £20,000.

Mecca’s Turbo Bingo: Turbo bingo is Mecca’s version of speed bingo. It is a quick-fire 90 ball game. It plays a lot like regular 90 ball bingo. The main difference? This game is far speedier. The rules of the game are the same as any 90 ball bingo game. You’ll be able to win by landing a line, 2 lines or a full house on your 15 number card. Each game has a minimum guaranteed prize. The maximum jackpot will be decided just before the game starts when all tickets have been purchased. The more tickets sold, the higher the jackpot. Turbo bingo is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Mecca Bingo.

Wink Bingo’s 5 Line Bingo: At Wink Bingo, speed bingo is of the Swedish variety. This is a game which is similar to the 75 ball format except that it is played across 5 lines with more ways to win. Usually, a win at 75 ball bingo will require a full house. This is not the case in 5-line bingo. Here you’ll be able to win with 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 lines. It is a far faster game than your average 75 ball bingo. At Wink there are 2 5-line bingo games; a low stake game starting a 1p per ticket and a higher stake 25p game. With wink bingo iPad, you’re guaranteed an enjoyable speedier game no matter the playing platform.

William Hill’s Speed Bingo: For faster bingo online, head to William Hill. There are high-octane games taking place every 3 to 4 minutes at this site. You can get your hands on tickets for as little as 1p. This game is of the 90 ball variety. The numbers are fired in quick succession here so you’ll need to stay alert. There are big prizes available for those who manage to call a full house within a certain amount of balls.

Speed Bingo vs Normal Online Bingo

Speed bingo has many advantages. One of its main selling points is its ability to inject adrenaline into the bingo game without inflating the stakes. The high-octane feeling comes from the quick-fire succession of the numbers. You can also often pick up tickets for speed bingo games for a very low prize and still play for a sizeable jackpot. On the flip side, it also has many drawbacks. Whilst many enjoy the rush of speed bingo, it is undoubtedly quite hard to keep track of. For some this can make the game a less sociable experience. It can also be harder to keep track of what you spend.

Speed bingo has become extremely popular in the online gaming world and we can see why. If you’ve got the need for speed then you may just find that it’s the game you’ve been waiting for.

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