Cash Cubes Bingo Review

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Bored of all the usual online bingo games? Looking for a game that provides short, lively mobile gameplay? Well, we’ve got just thing for you! Brand new for 2016, Cash Cubes Bingo is here to provide you with a brand new favourite game you’ll be raving to everyone about. This high paced 3D 36 ball bingo variant was launched by gaming experts Playtech to bring you the best online games on the market and at the highest speed around. Cash Cubes on mobile allows players to play on the go and enjoy this game anywhere. As this game only allows one card per player, everyone has the same chance of winning, making it a highly attractive game.

We’re really thrilled to see this new and unique game launched and our Cash Cubes Review below will provide you with all the details on this original and exciting game!

What Is Cash Cubes Bingo?

This 36 ball game is played online every 2 minutes, 24 hours a day and plays for a full house in multi-stake madness. It’s not, however, your typical tablet bingo game where you are playing to complete a pattern. In this Cash Cubes bingo variant game, the aim is to complete 4 cubes on the card to win a full house. Each ticket consists of 12 numbers contained inside 4 squares. 4 cubes can be unlocked per game.


Players can select how much they want to wager and the cube that matches up with this price is the one that starts to rotate. The prizes are proportional to player’s stakes. There are orange, green, purple and red stakes to choose from, ranging in price from £0.10 to £2.00.

As numbers are called, a side of the cube turns yellow and when all 4 sides of a cube have been called, the cube will fall down to the bottom to show the cube has been cracked.

This game features a 100% community jackpot so everyone playing gets to take home a share of the winnings.

How To Play

As a player get mores cubes, they have a higher chance of accomplishing a feature bonus.

When all the cubes have been cracked, they go towards a particular bonus and each stake has its own bonus amount. If you then finish 50 cubes across your games, you’ll receive a Cash Cubes Bonus to keep you playing!

Speed Bingo

Cash Cubes 3D Bingo was designed to surpass its competitors in one specific area, speed! Playtech’s high quality, 3D design really sets it apart from its competitors, as there’s really nothing else like it on the market. Another neat design feature is that the screen colour turns whatever ticket price colour you have chosen. It’s the little touches that really add to the overall gaming experience.

This adrenaline-charged new game is available across all online platforms and is particularly suited to those looking for high-speed gaming on their phone. There’s really no reason not to give this amazing game a go!

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