Enjoy a fun new way to play bingo with Buzzword Bingo

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Buzzword Bingo is an app available to download on Google Play, which provides you with a fun and entertaining distraction during those long and tedious meetings. As opposed the majority of mobile games, which are targeted at children and teenagers, Buzzword Bingo is more designed for adults and professionals.

Playing the Game

Also referred to as bullshit bingo, this game provides a fun twist on the traditional bingo game and is a welcomed distraction for those boring meetings. The best thing about it, however, is that it allows you to stay at attention throughout the meeting. Mobile phone bingo cards must be prepared with words which are likely to come up in the meeting. Players must cross off the words as they are spoken during a meeting, conference or lecture. This game is very useful for helping you stay completely alert during a meeting, allowing you to take in all of the relevant information.

Uses of Buzzword Bingo

There are two scenarios in which this game is particularly useful. Firstly, Buzzword Bingo is very useful in an educational environment. Students can create a bingo card full of words which are likely to come up during a lecture and they must cross them off as they are called out. Another major use of the game is in the workplace, as it allows players to remain focussed during the entirety of the meeting.

Main Features

One of the best things about this game is the fact that it comes with a selection of premade cards, meaning you can enjoy the game without having to create your own card. You can also download cards which have been shared by other players in the Buzzword Bingo community. Likewise, you can share your personally created cards with other buzzword bingo players around the world, adding an interesting social aspect to the game. Get more games for Android, click here

Another interesting feature of the game is the ability to link to other players via Bluetooth. This means that you can be sitting in a lecture or meeting and play with other people in the same room. This means that players can race against each other to fill their cards whilst listening to the same meeting. There is a stealth mode which can be enabled for times like these, to ensure that other people in the room are not made aware of the game. If you are finding yourself struggling to keep your eyes open in those all-important meetings, download Buzzword Bingo today. See also funding with PayPal

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