Bingo Sites with Progressive Jackpots

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It’s always good to have a chance to win a few bingo prizes whenever you play. However, if you have a chance to win progressive bingo jackpots, you will get that extra thrill from every single game you play.

We’ve got the info you’ve been looking for on this type of jackpot. Once you’ve read this, you’ll know everything there is to know about it. Ready?

Sites with the best progressive jackpots

Some websites are known for having great jackpots. When it comes to progressives, try these ones and check out the options available:

  • Wink – lots of progressives here, some playing 24/7
  • Lucky Cow – lots of bingo games and yes, some have progressive jackpots
  • 888 Ladies – it’s worth looking for the jackpot section of their website to catch the latest progressive opportunities
  • Cheers – check the jackpot games section of the promotion page to learn more about their offers

What is a progressive jackpot?

Good question! Basically, whenever a game has a progressive jackpot, a small percentage of each ticket sold is contributed to the progressive jackpot fund. The more tickets are sold, the bigger the fund gets.

In a way, they are self-perpetuating. That’s because people love the chance of winning them, so more people take part, and that means more contributions are made to the overall fund. They’re not easy to win, but everyone has an equal chance of trying!

How does it compare to other jackpots?

Another good question and one that’s worth an answer. Let’s look at a couple of other jackpot types and how they work:

Jackpot TypeHow it works
Guaranteed jackpotFixed amount guaranteed before game begins. It can also be a minimum fixed amount that can get bigger as the game progresses.
Sliding jackpotStarts as a specified amount. It can get smaller as the game passes specified stages.

Are there terms and conditions (Ts and Cs)?

Bingo progressive jackpots will of course have terms and conditions attached to them. The best thing to do is to go through the following steps every time you want to play a bingo game that has a progressive jackpot involved:

  1. Choose your game
  2. Read through the terms and conditions
  3. Find out what you need to do to win the progressive jackpot
  4. Start playing!

It does sound simple, doesn’t it? Quite often the rules will be pretty straightforward. However, some of the games are more complex than others.

The main rule of thumb is to read the Ts and Cs first, before you take part in the games.

Top tip: only play progressive jackpot bingo games with your own money

This might sound obvious, but there is another option here. You could play soon after joining a particular bingo site, and if you do, you might end up playing your chosen game using bonus money you got when you signed up. This has downsides:

  • Playthrough limitations
  • You may not actually qualify to win the progressive jackpot
  • You could win the jackpot and not be able to claim it

None of these are particularly conducive to enjoying a progressive jackpot game, so do bear this in mind.

Is progressive jackpot bingo for you?

Some people merely love the thrill of playing bingo, whatever type it might be. Yet there is no doubt the added fun of having a progressive jackpot up for grabs can make an otherwise-standard game more fun to play.

If it is a choice between a regular bingo game and one that has all the same prizes plus the possibility of winning a progressive jackpot, which one would you go for? We thought so!

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