Bingo Lane on iOS

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Online bingo is continuing to grow at a steady rate and alongside the prominence of social media in our internet lives, this had led to the launch of a number of social bingo apps.  Bingo Lane is one of the more recent launches and allows players to share and communicate with their friends while playing bingo.

Bingo Lane is fun and friendly and the high level of quality offered to players has made this the fastest growing social bingo game on Facebook.  As well as this, its quality is demonstrated by the fact that it is the top bingo game in the App Store in 9 or the 15 countries it is available in.


The game can be accessed from both Facebook and iPads and the team have told that they are putting their full focus into bringing the game to Android devices and iPhones in the not-too-distant future.  Once the game is accessible from these platforms as well, it will really begin to grow.

What’s On Offer

When playing the game, players are taken on an adventure in the various themed rooms, which offer players new places to play bingo in as they progress.  There is a level structure, giving players additional rewards as they spend more time playing the game.  Players will be rewarded for their progression with new bingo callers, unique Wonderballs (animated characters only seen at Bingo Lane) and a massive list of collectible items.

Social Features

After collecting various items as they progress, players can share their items such as furniture, decorations and clothes with their bingo lane neighbours.

By linking their game to Facebook, players can compete against their friends and share information about wins and rewards. By doing this, players will be able get more involved with the social community which Bingo Lane allows.


The new social bingo game was designed by GameSys, the software development firm responsible for the systems running various bingo sites, including Sun Bingo, Caesars Casino and Jackpot Joy.  If GameSys are developing a mobile compatible app for Bingo Lane, then it would not be that surprising to see a Jackpot Joy mobile app on the horizon soon. Click here for iPad games.


This game offers a completely fun and exciting experience aimed at players who are new to bingo.  Without real-money gambling, some more experienced players may find the game lacking, but for the novices and casual gamblers, you can’t really go wrong.

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