Best Budget Bingo Tablets

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When it comes to playing bingo on a tablet it can often be quite difficult to pick out a device that ticks all the boxes. Ideally you’ll want one that’s cheap, fast, reliable, secure and can run for more than an hour without needing a substantial recharge.

So with that in mind we’ve picked out a couple of the best tablets we could find and created a little comparison list for you to use if you’re ever stuck on which one to buy.

Top Cut Price Tablets

First up in our little list is the Tesco Hudl, this Android powered piece of kit will cost you roughly £39 to £40 each so it’s relatively cheap and affordable. Running with a powerful 1.5GHz quad-core processor and Androids patented Jelly Bean OS this tiny 7” tablet can (according to Which? Tech Daily) easily keep pace with the rest of the competition.

Next up is the Google Nexus. Developed by Asus this tablet normally costs up to £200 and features an Android 4.3 operating system, 5 Megapixel rear camera, wireless charging options and a large amount of RAM. So it certainly knows how to give you value for money.

Then there’s the Kindle Fire HD 6, according to an article in T3 this is the smallest in Amazons list of Kindle Fire tablets. Costing up to £79 and running the 4.4 version of Androids operating software this tiny tablet provides portability and a relatively high ease of use as its HD display and simple tab system means you can quickly access your content in seconds.

Finally there’s the Ubislate, according to the Guardian this gadget was created by the Indian government and is an incredibly cheap tablet device that completely undercuts the market as it only costs £30 per device.

Which Is Best for Bingo

Obviously these devices pack a lot of power, are cheap and have incredibly tight security but how do they handle when you use them for bingo?

For example with the Tesco Hudl you’ll get to use the Android software to run your games so you’ll enjoy a high level of reliability with your bingo games. Plus its tiny size is ideal for bingo as it sits comfortably in your hands like you were playing with a real bingo card.

Then there’s the Google Nexus, with stunning high quality graphics you’ll get to enjoy high quality graphics in your games of bingo. Plus you can also easily download non-marketplace bingo apps without worrying about them crashing.  It’s also incredibly safe as it uses a unique multi-layered approach to security that will stop kids from accessing adult content or downloading harmful software accidently.

Next is the Kindle Fire HD 6, although with the Kindle Fire it can be a bit tricky to get certain apps and games downloaded as it uses its own app marketplace. On the bright side it’s speed is unparalleled as it’s the quickest device that Kindle have ever made so you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite bingo games in a matter of seconds.

Finally there’s the Ubislate, this cheap and reliable tablet can handle just about any bingo game or marathon session you throw at it.

Overall the winner out of all of these is the Google Nexus, it’s got a meaty processor, it’s extremely stable and it’s incredibly safe to use so it ticks all of the ‘top tablet’ boxes.

So if you’re looking for a new tablet to try playing bingo games with then you can’t go wrong with any of these devices, especially the amazing Google Nexus.

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