About Us

As mobile bingo has taken the world by storm – you will find tonnes of online portals out there that are dying to tell you all about the best bingo sites to use on your tablets – so why should you come to visit us?  There are heaps of reasons – see below to find out a little bit more about us!

We are Real Life Bingo Fans

Everyone who writes content for the site and who is involved at all loves bingo!  We are all big fans of the game and play on the sites we talk about regularly – so we know our stuff!  Because we have tried them all and have first-hand experience, it means our reviews will be completely unbiased and give you an objective view on what you can expect – there’s no point telling you something is great if it isn’t!

What we will Give You

As well as give you the general information on the bonuses, games and jackpots etc – we want to get right down to the nitty gritty!  This means you will find details on the software used, which payment methods you can use, what the support team is like and so on – so you can have a look at everything there is to know and make your own informed decision.  You will also be kept in the loop of the latest occurrences in the industry such as which sites have gone mobile, are there any mergers or acquisitions and general industry news.  We can tell you what the hottest promotions are, where you can bag your bonuses and if you are a bingo novice help you on your way to joining your first bingo site by explaining the bonuses etc.

Our mission

We want to make life easier for you – so you don’t have to continuously trawl the net for info on different brands – everything you need should be right here!  If we don’t have details on something you would like to know more of – get in touch and feel free to make suggestions.